Weekend Wrap-Up

It feels like forever since I updated here (or over on PoJ). I guess I have been preoccupied with living life, as opposed to writing about it. Or maybe just haven’t had anything of import to write about.  Or haven’t been feeling the writing bug.  I dunno.  Regardless, I am here now.

In an effort to engage the head in other than “hard thinking” I am downloading a new, light novel onto my iPod. I have been listening to an amazing novel by Paolo Bacigalupi called The Windup Girl, but, as good as it is, it is depressing, the setting being that of a corrupt, dissolute future world inhabited by people that, put simply, depress me. So…fun and games instead with Janet Evanovich and her Stephanie Plum series.

Sometimes Hard Thinking is necessary though. I had a conversation with W some time ago about it, and a conversation today with a friend/would-be Top girl I know about the topic of said Hard Thinking, and actually am working on a new post for Eden Cafe on the topic (in an oblique way.)  So maybe the talking/writing will exorcise it.  I dunno.

Running helps, too.

Ran yesterday for the first time in quite a few days, and felt pretty fucking amazing afterward. Amazing enough that math was actually close to understandable afterward.

Oh wait, this was supposed to be a weekend wrap-up.

Well, this past weekend was awesome. Ad and I went over to W’s Thursday night (tried out cupping and new canes), I had a date night with Ad Friday, and he actually took off work on Saturday so we had a long, leisurely day of just hanging out on Saturday. Then I went over to W’s for some much-needed just he-and-I time, for which I was roped, gagged, fucked & beaten soundly before being snuggled in his bed all night. Only to wake up to more of W’s brand of wake-up love Sunday morning. Once I was fucked into submission, he and I met Ad for breakfast and then I went home for some homework and Ad made his infamous chili.  That night, since I’d gotten my homework done, both guys acquiesced to a game of Scrabble with me (reward!) and we all hung out and made like a vanilla couple…er, triple.  Or something. It was a perfect ending to a perfectly balanced 4 days.

But then of course I have a bit of the Down yesterday, and thus Hard Thinking happens, which I shouldn’t be doing when I am droppy in any case.  So I did many necessary errands at lunch and bought Good Food for myself to eat here, to stop the fast food spiral, and went running in the afternoon, which all helped. Head is better now (and not in need of flogging, honest.)  I do know how to help myself when help is needed.

And now, off to do more errands.  Later is running and more math (hopefully at W’s.)

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