There really is more going on in my life than these three rows of steel rings I have installed in my cunt. Honestly though, right now, I don’t know what.

Oh wait, I lied.


That’s what’s going on.  Or will be.  Can you believe I leave for a week in (sort of) Vegas in…(counting)…3 days??? (I don’t count today or the day we leave, which is Sunday.)  I say “sort of” Vegas, because I am actually going to Henderson, NV for the training, and then we are relocating after the training is over to Mt. Charleston Lodge.  So, Vegas and not-Vegas.  Also, honestly I don’t know that we’ll be doing Vegas-y stuff.  What I really want to do is go out to Death Valley, and maybe Hoover Dam, and possibly Valley of Fire State Park.

Either that or spend three days tied up in our cabin, submitting myself to the tender ministrations of W. And crocheting. And playing Scrabble.  Though those things are difficult to do while tied.  Not impossible–I crocheted a bit the day that DrF left me handcuffed with W while he (DrF) went out and did sightseeing.  It wasn’t optimum for getting a lot of crocheting done, but it WAS fun.

I have a dilemma though! We might actually go to a show or get out in Vegas (I kinda want to go up the Stratosphere, and the Eiffel Tower, and go on the roller coaster at NYNY, and see the fountains at the Bellagio…) but I have no idea what to bring to WEAR. I have tons of slut clothes. And lots of work/business casual clothes. And jeans and “dress down” clothes, and of course lots and lots of fetishwear. But nothing…nightcluby, I don’t think. Most of my “nightclub” type clothing would be stuff I’d be wearing to a fetish event, so…probably not appropriate.  What to do, what to do?  I guess I’d better figure it out quick, though, because Vegas, here we come!

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