Lost & Found

Recently I confessed to W that I have lost three sets of tit collars.  Three!  As if he didn’t know. “I know,” he answered laconically, with barely suppressed exasperation in his voice.  They are a pain-in-the-ass to make, time-consuming and tedious–and I am obviously a really sucky girlfriend for being careless with them.  And really, I love to wear them.  They are like my own special, hidden jewelry from W. So I felt pretty awful.

Until this morning, when I opened up the side pocket in my gym bag and found them!  Only one pair–but it’s a start. So I am wearing them today at work, just because.

What I am not wearing is panties. I forgot to bring them into the gym with me.  Tight jeans, multiple labia piercings and no panties = ouchie!  All day.  Penance for losing two sets of tit collars? Perhaps.  At least W will be amused. He once confessed to me that while I was so uncomfortably going through the whole labia-piercing-healing process, it amused him greatly to think of me all day at work, unable to sit comfortably, unless I was on a blow-up hemorrhoid ring.  And he claims not to be a sadist.

I also have newly painted toenails.  After an email conversation yesterday with him, I figured I’d better do them.

Me:  I just looked down at my toes and realized I have no toenail polish on.  I am lost without you to give me reasons to do such things. ;-)

Him: LOL…I suppose I should find someone for you to fuck after work in the next week or two. Perhaps you should put polish on just in case.

Ain’t he just a riot!

I had a wonderful workout this morning at my new gym. I have always liked going to the Y.  Supporting an organization I believe in is part of why I always sign up with them every fall when my allergies hit.  I also figured they were priced about the same as any gym.  But when my coworkers joined this gym, and told me what they paid–I realized that is NOT so. I was paying 3x what I am at the new place, and the new place has ALL free classes, classes at the time I need them, plus is open 24 hours!  And (I know this is a ridiculous thing to think is important, but it is) the new place has a locker/shower room that isn’t like a high school locker room.  I love it!

And last in the lost and found column is that I also found a pair of my sunglasses that had gone missing.  I am still missing one pair from the Twisted Tryst weekend, but at least I found the others!

Okay, off to actually do some work….

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