Yesterday on Twitter, Emmy over at Right Turn Without Signaling mentioned a blog post that she called “Brain Dump.” Oddly enough, I had actually titled this post the same, just that morning.  I decided to change it, you know, so she won’t think I’m being a copycat. ;-)

So what am I babbling about today? I don’t really know. Huh.  How about shoes? First of all, I did something so typically what he considers “female” that I know when W reads this he is going to shake his head. I sent him pictures of several pairs of shoes I was considering, and asked him to choose. Why have I not done this before?? He’s the shoe guy, he’s my Top, he’s the reason I buy my shoes!  He won’t ever tell me what to wear, but I’ll bet I could get him to tell me what shoes to buy! And he did. In fact he was more than happy to.  I loved it!

And then I didn’t buy any of the pairs he suggested.  LMAO

To be fair, I didn’t buy any of the shoes I had sent him, but when I do, I will buy the ones he likes.  The last two pairs I bought though were not from that set. The first ones were a pair that I have been wanting forever and that I had actually received, but were too big. I sent them back and didn’t ask for them in a smaller size (for whatever reason) but then as I was looking at other shoes I saw them again…yeah, “squirrel!” and I ordered them in what I hoped was the right size. They came in the other day, and of course they are a little small, but…I can’t send them back.  I like them too much! Damn Pleaser for not having half-sizes!

The fabled shoe...

Then after that I made a total impulse buy:

How could I resist?


They’re due to be delivered to W’s Friday (free second-day shipping!)

Two totally different styles (and the bottom one is much more my style than his) but…I think it’ll be a nice shoe to wear when I want to feel “clandestinely” slutty.

I also have the other red/black pair on the way in the (hopefully) correct size. So W has some opportunities for some good girl-in-heels bondage, if he cares to do some before he leaves.

What next?

Well, I think I have finally worked out the logistics for this weekend. Ya’ll know W is going away again on Tuesday for a month.  And this weekend I was supposed to be able to be with him from Fri-Tues, but then I found out that my son will be with me all weekend. Communications snafu on the part of my Ex, bleh. But then Ad said that the boy could stay with him over the weekend so I could stay at W’s.  Have I said I love that guy? Wow.

And I am positively giddy with anticipation about being at W’s.  Ridiculous, I know. We’ve been intimate, sexually and emotionally, for over two years, and yet still I am nervous and excited, thinking about spending time with him.

What else?

Hmmm…it seems to be the time for break-ups.  My sister called me the other day and said that she and her husband of 11 years are splitting up. She told me today that they are trying to work it out,but honestly…I don’t see that happening.  I guess we’ll see.

My daughter broke up with her boyfriend last night as well. Honestly, I’ve been waiting for it and am not unhappy.  He’s a nice boy, and I liked him, but she’s only 18, he’s her first boyfriend, and she doesn’t seem all that broke up about it herself.  Her words: “I’m only 18, Mom, I didn’t think it was going to be forever.”  Not that she isn’t caring, but I never saw her as fully, emotionally engaged with him.  I am hoping that they do this well, this breakup, and are friends after, simply recognizing that they really weren’t the “ones” for each other and not getting ugly with each other.  I hate that.  And I try to be a good example of NOT doing that.   As above, we’ll see.

And then there are the mysterious troubles of a couple that I met once but have gotten to know here on the internet, in blogs and Fet. I have no idea what is going on, but that troubles me more than either my sister’s or daughter’s breakups! (Weird how connected you feel to people.) Sigh. I hope all is well for them and more than that, I wish I knew them well enough to email or call, just to say I am thinking about them.  The internet is such a weird, disconnected and yet connected place.

Okay, well, “Bedtime for Bonzo.”  I have a long day ahead of me tomorrow, and (hopefully) a longer night.  I have never been a “TGIF” kinda girl till now.  Bring it on!

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