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Alphabet Challenge – N is for…

New Orleans, of course, with St. Louis Cathedral in the background…

And for a paddlewheeler named The Natchez.

As a special bonus, I managed a Scavenger Hunt while we were out there fooling around, though there were so many people coming and going (we were right outside a ferry terminal) that I was not terribly brave, so it’s hard to tell that I was flashing my girly-bits!  Also, this one, “Levee” is not on the list…  Dee, is it good for a new one?

My favorite part is the sign. “Pedestrians and vehicles keep off.” As R walks along it behind me and we take pictures of me flashing W next to it. Bunch of lawbreakers, aren’t we? ;-)


  1. Loved the pictures of you tied at various sites in New Orleans. Did you have the beignets at Cafe Du Monde?


    • No, I’ve had them there before on a previous trip, but honestly, I am not much of a fried dough fan, so it didn’t hold much appeal for me. I WAS sad not to make it to the famous shaved ice place that several people told me about tho.

  2. What a fantastic place to get a photograph or three, Jade!

    And a levee / dike / embankment is indeed an excellent idea for a new Scavenger Hunt category, so I’ve added it, and updated the page :)

    xx Dee

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