Sinful Sunday – Cruise Ship Scavenger Hunt

A little hint beneath the sheer material...

So my last post regarding the cruise was a bit on the wordy/heavy side, but sometimes I gotta get stuff out of my head. Just to show you how much fun we actually had, and that we were doing some naughty stuff on that ship-of-naughtiness, here are some pics we took for my efforts to achieve another notch in my Scavenger Hunt belt.

And no, I didn’t see “Cruise Ship” on Dee’s list. Oops. ;-)

Embarkation Day. This is me in my “vanilla” version.

Getting a little naughtier.

And naughtier still, in the Viking Lounge.

And I’m all out of control! ;-)

And then, later that night, again at the Viking Bar, playing with a stranger. He was afraid I might fall through the window.

The three of us at sunset.

Semi-vanilla. First one Guy…

Then the other. :-)

A little hint beneath the sheer material…

Finally, a little skin.  (And the new tattoo!)

The other side.

And showing it all off!

Go on over and see who else is getting Sinful this Sunday!

Sinful Sunday


  1. Curvaceous Dee

    Oh, that’s just epic Jade! Congratulations for being the first to knock off the ‘Boat / Ship’ category (I’ve been pondering the idea for a while, living in the City of Sails – but don’t know anyone with a boat, dammit – and the ferries are a tad crowded).

    xx Dee

    1. piecesofjade Post author

      Cool, there IS a category for it! I actually got one on a rather famous sailboat as well, but couldn’t find the damn pic to upload it! LOL I’ll have to post it another time as an “ancillary” Scavenger Hunt to this one. ~grin~

  2. Hubman (@hubman38)

    I love the sunset photos and of course that ‘dress’ you’re wearing!

    BTW, I went back to look, my place on the Top 100 Sex Bloggers list is thanks to you, you’re the one nominated me. THANK YOU :-)

    1. piecesofjade Post author

      Very well deserved, my friend. :-) I recall one time (if I am not mistaken) that you questioned if yours was a “sex blog.” I maintain that it is…but of course so much more. An intelligent, thinking man’s (and woman’s) sex-blog-plus. Congrats on the placement! :-D

  3. Molly

    I want to go on that cruise! The picture of the 3 of you with the sunset is beautiful…. and W looks like such a pussy cat (I know, they often do) and there is something about that that makes them even more attractive I find!


    1. piecesofjade Post author

      Hahahha…W DOES look like a pussycat, doesn’t he? You should see some of his other pics, with a floppy safari hat and sunglasses. That’s his “nilla” disguise. ;-)


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