Feasting, Part One


It really is feast or famine in my world, although, as W pointed out to me recently (backing up his assertion with photographic evidence) even “fasting” in my world might only be a not-very-strict diet. But even he has to concede that even for my usually-hectic schedule these last two weekends were a whirlwind of activity, especially when compared to the nose-to-the-grindstone months we’d just had!

I don’t even know where to start. I wanted to take each weekend and talk about them separately, but since I haven’t even finished with our weekend at The Harrington, I recognize that I am getting hopelessly behind and will never catch up at this rate. So I guess I’d better bring ya’ll up-to-date here and now, and I’ll try to throw in some details on the highlights in later posts.

Unless, you know, I keep up this breakneck pace and can’t find time. ;-)

(Edit: So I ended up breaking this into two posts after all – more if you count the picture posts I’m going to do. Yeah, I’m a bit wordy. Continue on for Part One.)

The Weekend Before Last


I know, Thursday isn’t officially the weekend, but around these parts, once a month my weekend starts on Thursday. There’s a strip club over on the East Side that holds “Taboo” night, a night for the local kinksters to come out and mingle, strut about in fetish gear, and even play a little. It’s actually a fun atmosphere, and very different from other local parties. This year it fell on Valentine’s Day. I was a little hesitant to go. We don’t typically celebrate V-Day, as I mentioned in my post here, but still, leaving Ad home to go out with W (Ad can’t do late weeknights because of work) made me feel bad. But Ad insisted, so off W and I went.  It helped that Ad and I had a lovely date night the night before to make up for it, and since that really is more to his liking, it was all to the good.

And we had a GREAT time. It was the first time we’d been out in awhile. We had opted out of three different events the month previous, due to me working on the blog, and honestly as the time drew near to get ready for Taboo I was already thinking of some way to get out of going (my typical social-anxiety-until-I-actually-get-there thing), but W wasn’t going to let me weasel (or whine) my way out of it. I am SO glad he didn’t. It was just what we needed to “kick-start” our kink again. We talked to people, drank a bit, mingled and even had a yummy “crop on the inner thighs” scene as I lay back against my best friend, Mj.  She even got a little Toppy with me, holding my legs open so he could get at me and putting a hand in my hair when I tried to wriggle away.

The marks he left lasted a week.

And that night, for the first time in a long time, he had me sleep in the custom chains he’d made for me.


Friday was a quiet day and night at home, but as I said, the night before must have gotten W’s juices flowing, because I spent the day working in chains and heels. He only allowed me out of them to walk up to the store and to go out to dinner. It was lovely.

A quick note about the morning, however. Sleeping next to me in shackles or chains is a huge sexual trigger for W, and that night was no exception. The next morning he grabbed me by the chains and hauled me around on the bed, fucking my ass, mouth and cunt with a kind of casual disregard that always makes me hot. But for some reason, as excited as I was, I couldn’t orgasm. I’d get right to the edge, then have it disappear. I had a feeling it was not a morning on which I could ask for Baldy (my Hitachi) so I just accepted that he was going to use my body until he was done with it, whether or not I actually managed to get an orgasm out of it.

Not a bad game, to be honest. As I said, I like being used in this way, as though I am only a collection of holes for his use.

But this man knows my triggers as well as I know his, and I guess he wasn’t as accepting of me not having an orgasm as I was. At some point, as I squirmed against his hand in my cunt, he put the other one on my throat, just above the collar of the chain set. And that really was all it took. The gentle – and not so gentle – pressure of his hand on my throat, and suddenly I was whimpering, squirming, panting and coming. It was lovely. I love that he knows me so well, inside and out, that he can do that to me, for me.


Saturday night we had made plans to go to another party. Although this one is at an East Side strip club as well, it is an entirely different sort of party. A local swinger group who’s parties we have attended a couple times has, in the past, reserved one half of the club entirely for the group. The club is set up with two separate sides and entrances (you can’t even get from one to the other without going outside.) When they only reserve half the club, this works out well to keep out non-group folks (ie single men) from the party. The side that they reserve is the “theater” side, with a large bar space and three screening rooms (couples only;  gay;  and anyone, single or couple. At least I think that’s the breakdown.) Of course, since this group is so heavy on the “couples and single females only” rule, and for the most part the core of the group seems to be primarily into f/f play, the theaters are used quite differently than on other nights. I was hopeful that we might have some exhibitionist fun there, as we have in the past.  This actually seems to be the kind of play that I am most into when it comes to “swinger” activity: being watched as W makes me fuck & suck him, being fucked and used in nasty ways in a roomful of pervs.  Since the main space has no dance area, and little ambiance, though, I was glad to hear that the group had decided to rent out the whole club – both the strip club side and the theater side. This might be interesting, with a place to drink and dance, then go over to the theaters and get nasty.

In reality, none of that happened. The group had been saying that 300+ people signed up, which should have filled both sides nicely, I would have thought.  If there was more than 200 though I’d be surprised…but maybe there were and the space was just too large to fill up. In any case, the strip side was somewhat busy, but the space was so odd (a long, raised strip dance floor cutting through the middle – perfect for strippers, but not so good for getting people in a crowd to dance) that I never felt the “energy” of a good, sexy crowd. And when W went to the theater side to put my coat away, he said it was emptyish too, so…not much fun there. Later that night, when we got ready to leave, we had to go back to get my coat, and there were more people on the other side, but not the crowds that I had expected. And by then, I was feeling let down and somewhat bored with the whole scene, so the theaters just weren’t going to happen.

Or maybe they would have if W had insisted/been into it? I dunno…

As we always do, W and I made our own fun though, people-watching, flirting with each other, and eventually chatting with a couple who sat down near us. They actually ended up inviting themselves to go with us to Hannibal the next day (!) and us back to their room that night (we said no to both) but W has kept up a pretty constant stream of email communications with the guy, who is interested in…something. I think he is curious about the kink? I don’t know. They were both attractive, but I just wasn’t there. I have begun to realize that except for being able to go to a bar dressed really slutty and dance like a tramp, some mild flirting and being able to be sexy or sexual in front of people (as well as the aforementioned exhibitionism), swinging just isn’t my style. I really wanted to try it for W, and I wish I could give him the experience he wants with it, but mindless fucking, sport fucking, and whatever-it-is that  happens at these kinds of parties, without the added kick of a power-exchange dynamic, just leaves me feeling hollow and a little bored. I still like the Aftershocks dance parties we’ve been to, and the one house party that we have attended a few times has been enjoyable (and we actually met some people we liked) but this…meh. Not so much.  But as W said, we needed to go and check it out. And if the theaters had turned out to be fun, I think that might have salvaged it…but, yeah, not so much.

So…kind of a swinger fail in my book – though a “spending sexy time with W” win.


Sunday I had planned a road trip to Hannibal, and since I was off on Monday, I rented a room at a local B&B and we stayed over. We had such a good time! The “purpose” for going was to go to a place at which I wanted to take a “Calendar” picture for the latest Rope on the Run Challenge. This one is a monthly challenge, unlike the weekly Alphabet Challenge, and I think W feels this is much more manageable. Basically the challenge is to take a Rope on the Run picture that epitomizes each month. I haven’t yet posted January’s here, but will do so soon, and February’s turned out great too!  We also had several opportunities to get some Scavenger Hunt snaps, and I think both of us really enjoyed meandering up Hwy 79 along the river, stopping for pictures and to poke around when the whim hit us, and then “sightseeing” in Mark Twain’s home town. W also took the opportunity to make some new memories of the place – some dirty ones! – and to help exorcise the old ones (I was married there 20 years ago.) I have much better memories of the town now! (That will take some explaining, perhaps…my marriage was a good one, but I had some conflicting feelings about getting married at all, thus wanting to have some different memories than the ones I have lived with for 20 years.) Anyway, I’ll expound more on that in a separate post, and share more of what we did on our road trip along with some pictures too.

The slider on the Home Page & this pic is a sneak peek of some of our fun:


All in all, we had a smashing good time all weekend, and as I said, it seems to have got both our “kink engines” running again. Yay for kink & sex and kinky sex!

And that brings us to this past weekend…

(To be continued.)


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