Holiday at the Harrington


One of the benefits of working for the organization I do is that we have an extended holiday office closing. Our doors shut the day before Christmas Eve and don’t reopen again until after the New Year. Unfortunately, Ad doesn’t have that same benefit, and though technically neither does W, since he runs his own business he has a lot more flexibility with his time than Ad does.  What that means is that every December I usually get to spend several days to a week with W, and, in some cases, we take that opportunity to get away for a few days (or more.) Last year we spent 12 days together, traveling to New York and staying in his daughter’s Manhattan apartment while they were away visiting other relatives, and this year, although we didn’t spend 12 days together, we did get to go away for a few days to a little boutique hotel about an hour west of Chicago.

I’ve been working on W, training him to be more spontaneous. (You know, like you train your dog? Rewarding them for good behavior. Haha, just kidding.) But seriously, he gets rewards for random acts of spontaneity. Wonderful things happen when you just say “yes” and go with the flow. Our stay at The Harrington was exactly that. It all happened because I saw a Groupon for a deal for three days there. I had to act fast though if I wanted to reserve the days right after Christmas, and W was away visiting family. I got him on IM – not our best means of communication, but it was what we had – and asked him if he could commit to the dates.

Getting W to commit to something like a 3-day weekend away, a couple months in advance, with no time for him to brood on it before he finally acquiesces, is a little like, well, getting Congress to pass a budget bill, right? Add in additional complications to do with family scheduling, and the fact that I was asking him while he was away, visiting said family, and I was fairly certain that it wasn’t going to work out.

And yet it did. Surprises of surprises, he said “yes,” without more than 15 minutes’ hesitation. I made the reservation, and we were set for three days away, commencing the day after Christmas.

But first we had to get through Christmas Eve with my family.

That’s right – I said “we.” This year I was hosting Christmas Eve dinner with the family, and I had invited W to join us. And he had said yes. Three days away would be a necessary balm to his – and my – nerves after that.

It wasn’t actually that bad. My mom has known about W for some time, and has been wanting to meet him. My stepdad doesn’t know about W’s and my relationship specifically (meaning my mom and I haven’t talked about it to him), but he has heard W’s name many times and knows he is a close friend. My sister is so self-involved that even after being introduced to W she didn’t remember that this was the man that I had told her about, the man I considered my co-partner with Ad, and with whom I had had a relationship for the past five years. She treated him with her usual polite indifference, and later asked me, “Who was that other man at the party? Is that a friend of Ad’s?”


In any case, we visited, we ate good food, we exchanged gifts and had a few drinks and then they all went home. My kids went over to their dad’s house after we subjected W to Monty Python and the Holy Grail (he’d never watched a Monty Python movie before. Watching it with my kids, well, that’s a special treat. They know every word, and often act out the parts.) And then the three of us went to bed, and woke up on Christmas Day together, just like any other “couple.”  And the next day W and I went to The Harrington Inn.

It was a lovely trip. The hotel is gorgeous and our room was a dream. The hotel is right on the Fox River, and our room had a sliding glass door leading out to a patio only steps away from the water.  Our bedroom was huge with a tall, four-poster bed, wet bar and fireplace, a gigantic bathroom with a deep, oversized, two-person jacuzzi tub and a heated floor (that W put to excellent use.) We had a lovely three days, mixing romance and kink in equal measures. For instance, this was me, looking all sweet, dressed up to go to a fantastic dinner at the restaurant hotel:


But underneath, I wore these and my tit collars. And nothing else. And later that night, there was much debauchery, but that is a story for another blog post. Or two.

One morning we took a walk in the snow, holding hands and acting like any couple in love, talking and laughing and shopping – and making plans to bring Ad up there in spring for another two-day bike adventure along the Fox River Bike Trail.


And the night before I had slept like this:


It’s hard for us to maintain “normal” for very long.

Actually the point is, that is normal for us.

The other night we both marveled at how normal this all has become, this mixture of vanilla and kink, of boyfriend/girlfriend, dominant/submissive, top/bottom, our three-way partnership, of being friends as well as ferociously passionate lovers and kink partners.

It all fits so well I can’t imagine life any other way.


  1. Jade Post author

    Thanks, Cammie. It’s not always so easy, but even when it gets tough, we pull together and get through it. :-)

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