Scavenger Hunt – Beach


It’s cold and snowy here in the Midwest, so I thought I’d try and warm myself up by posting a Scavenger Hunt from a warmer place: the beach!

As you may recall, last November Ad, W and I went on a week-long cruise. My last Scavenger Hunt was of pictures we took on the ship, but these are from the places we went off the ship, when we went ashore.

Our first port was a day at Royal Caribbean’s private island, Coco Cay. It was primarily a day of lounging in the sun and drinking, although I did take a Yoga-on-the-Beach class. The kicker, since this was an swinger cruise? The entire island was clothing optional. That meant the yoga class, as well. I was initially a little unsure about naked yoga, what with the cunt rings, but was soon enjoying the freedom and beauty of doing yoga on a beautiful morning, naked, on a beach, and forgot all about my self-consciousness.

Alas, there were no pictures.

But later I got to show off my “bikini.”

The Boys wouldn't wear see-thru swimsuits!

The Boys wouldn’t wear see-thru swimsuits!

Our next port of call was St. Thomas. I’m not a big fan of St. Thomas, but St. John is one of my favorite places on earth, so I planned an excursion for us to Solomon Beach. Another threesome (that we ended up playing with later in the cruise) and some friends of ours from the previous cruise also joined us on the mile-long hike to the beach.

When we got there, we played in the water…


And took the opportunity for a little Rope on the Run.


And then, of course, I got my Scavenger Hunt on.


As a bonus, I also got to show off on our excursion in St. Maarten, where we got to crew an America’s Cup Yacht in an actual race.


Our adversary, the Far North.


The Star and Stripes.


I was a Winch Wench, Ad was Back Stay Grinder and W was a Main Grinder. Yup, we were two Grinders and a Wench.

I know it doesn’t count as an additional Scavenger Hunt, since I’ve already got “Boat,” but how could I not show ya’ll this one? I mean, who else can say they showed off their titties aboard the Stars and Stripes? :-D


(Okay, okay, there was at least one other woman there that can claim that bit of fame. It was a swinger cruise after all.) ;-)

The best part of that though? The yacht’s actual crew didn’t have any idea that we were all a bunch of swingers. In fact, in the process of getting the team “captain” (I had somehow gotten “volunteered” for that role) to choose our teams, the excursion leader says, “Ok, first pick your loved one.”

I called out Ad & W’s names.  He looked at us all a bit oddly.

And when our friend decided to tell our fellow crewmates that the reward for us winning the race would be that I would go down on everyone of the crew…well, I don’t know what they thought!

Working my way up to Platinum!



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