Kink of the Week: Spanking


I have talked about my love of spanking many times. And I have said before that if I been introduced to BDSM by a spanko, I might have stopped right there, and never gotten into all that other crazy stuff we do.

Nah. I might like to think that, but I am self-aware enough to know that eventually I would have started exploring other things, ranging afield from just the spanking scene. I have too much curiosity not to. And, honestly, I am glad for that, because I have come to realize that my true fetish is about control. Spanking is a part of that, or can be, but it is not the whole of what makes me tick, and would never be enough all on its own.

But as an activity, as one form of play? I love it.

Unfortunately for me, W insists that he isn’t very good at it, and says it’s not his style (though he did a damn good job the one time he decided to “try” it) and so I don’t get to be indulged in this particular activity often. Ad is very good at it (and I was reminded of just how good recently, a story which will have to be told later), and I think enjoys it quite a bit, but when we do it, the D/s element is not there, so it is lacking somewhat for me. Also, he just doesn’t have the abiding interest in kink that W and I do, so it’s not often that I can get him to play, unless we are at an event.

Fortunately for me, W is very willing to let me explore this kind of play with others whenever I find someone willing to go there with me. I have had a few “spanking” playdates over the years, and enjoyed every one.  In fact one of the few playdates that I have ever negotiated on my own at an event was a spanking at Dark Odyssey, with a guy that gives a fantastic spanking.


That was the first time I experienced having my asshole whipped, and learned that a “spanking” can mean many things and include many things, including some (like asshole whipping!) that I hadn’t even thought of.

Yeah, it really is as intense as it looks.

~click~ for a different view of the marks

So…bottom line is that occasionally…my spanking kink gets fed. Lucky me!

Recently, in a lovely accident, I found out about Boardwalk Badness Weekend in Atlantic City in April. A four-day spanking party! How fun is that? Well, I won’t know how fun it is til I go…but I’m going! And here’s the kicker: I’m going alone. I will be rooming with the inimitable Pandora Blake, who is responsible for my discovering the event. She had tweeted about going and needing a roommate, I jokingly said I’d put her up if she was near St. Louis, she told me about BBW and…well, one thing led to another and I will be meeting her there and sharing a room at the event. I think it is only fitting that Pandora’s blog should have been one of the very first spanking blogs that I ever ran across, way back when, and now, inside of a month I will be flying out to NYC with W, dropping him off in Manhattan for the weekend at his daughter’s place, and I will be headed on to Atlantic City on my own!!!!

I’m stupidly excited.

Will I get spanked? I don’t know. I want to…but we’ll see if I am brave enough. I’ve started making contacts, and of course “knowing” Pandora a bit will ease some of my “new girl” anxiety, but…we’ll see!

I’d sure love to come back with an ass as bruised and red as it was after Dark Odyssey!

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  1. Kinklion

    Love to administer a good spanking, which can be an end in itself or a prelude to other erotic fun. An intense one is hard work for my hands at times (but worth the effort), so I always keep a paddle or two in easy reach.
    Do you find hands best, or some other implement best, or does it not matter as much as time and intensity?

    1. Jade Post author

      I love a good hand spanking best, but am not opposed at all to the use of implements as well. Paddles are harder to take, tho certain ones I enjoy, but canes and crops take me out of the “spanking” mindset. Not a bad thing, it’s just a different one in my brain. OTOH, belts make me absolutely swoon.

      1. Kinklion

        I will keep that in mind as I have some thick, wide leather belts which are perfect for great spanking.

  2. Cammies on the floor

    Wow, those marks look intense! How exciting to be going someplace with someone who you know mostly through the internet (I’ve met many a great friends that way). I hope you have an amazing time and can’t wait to read about it.

    1. Jade Post author

      I’m excited as well! I have met a couple people via Twitter and/or my blog, and have made some good friends that way too. this is a bit different, but I have a feeling we will get along swimmingly. :-)

  3. Molly

    I can not wait to hear about your trip with Pandora… I am so envious BUT it sounds like Eroticon USA is going to happen so hopefully we will get to meet. *grins


  4. Jane

    What an adventure! I cannot wait to hear about your trip. Great post – and I totally agree with you about the interlacing of D/s with the actual act of spanking. Jane xxx

    1. Jade

      Interestingly enough, this party will not have any element of D/s (if I am reading most of the commentary about the event correctly, it sounds like D/s (at least as I know it) is not a strong element) and besides, W won’t be there to give it that extra oomph. So really, it’s all about play and physical sensation and what *I* want to get out of it. I am quite intrigued by it.

  5. Marie Rebelle

    A four day spanking event? Now that sounds like fun! I sure hope you experience some spanking there and that you come back and tell us more about it :)

    Rebel xox


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