Two Spankings & an Accidental Orgasm

Paddles hurt!

In one last “Spanking” hurrah (ala the topic of the week over on my Kink of the Week blog), I give you images (and words) from two spankings:

This was the spanking that Ad gave me up at the cabin. As you can see by the last photo, I am a very Happy Jade. What you don’t know is the reason for that happiness (well, one of them.) I discovered that spanking can cause an orgasm!

Okay, that wasn’t an entirely new discovery. It’s happened before. I think it has to do with the repetitive whacking motion causing various girl parts to sway and swing back and forth, and, coupled with the endorphins and just plain pleasure that the actual spanking causes, gives just enough friction to make me come. What was new is that this time the relationship between what he was doing and the reaction was much more apparent and pronounced by the weight of my labia rings. The weight of the rings gave a lot of momentum to the whole situation, and then, delight of delights, I found that my new bar in my VCH was affected too, sliding back and forth over my clit as the rings made everything else shift around. I was as surprised as the Guys, I think, when I started to wriggle and moan, then to pant and gasp, not from the spanking but from an impending orgasm.

Oh happy day.

And here are images from the second spanking. There aren’t a lot, because we didn’t have a photographer to take photos while it was happening, and I think even W got into it enough not to want to break the momentum to get the camera.

Poor Hello Kitty.

Poor Hello Kitty.

What does Hello Kitty have to do with a spanking? Well, do you recall another Hello Kitty scene?

(Hang on, I’ll wait here while you go take a look. Really, it’s a must-see.)

Okay, back?

As you can see, W has a slight aversion to Hello Kitty. So…occasionally…when I want to brat a bit, Hello Kitty will find its way someplace where W will find it. Like, say, in the inside flap of his wallet last night at a birthday party.


This was how my butt looked when he got done with me.

Glowing red butt!

Glowing red butt!

Today my ass is tender to sit on, and I just keep grinning, remembering the feel of his hand and various other implements.  I do believe the man has a future as a spanker!

You can see all the rest of entries to the Kink of the Week: Spanking topic here.  Next week’s topic is Wax Play, so be sure to check it all next week for what is sure to be some interesting posts, and join in if you’ve a mind to!

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  1. KaziG

    Oh, that’s some gloriously red buttage there, and I had to giggle madly when I saw the Hello Kitty!!!
    I’ll have to see if I can join in on the wax… ;)

    ~Kazi xxx

  2. Bunny

    Sure are tempting fate with that Hello Kitty stuff and wow that’s red! How fun to discover how all of your piercings came into play with that.

    I’ve been feeling left out with all this spanking talk but wax play…now there is something I enjoy :)

  3. Jade Post author

    Oh good, I hope to have both of you join in the waxing fun! :-) It’s one of my favorite things too…hoping I can get W or Ad to give me a “memory boost” for my post. ;-)

  4. Curvaceous Dee

    I can feel the heat of your arse from here! I am impressed :)

    I didn’t get to writing about spanking, but it did give me an idea for a blog post that I will get to sometime soon. Promise!

    xx Dee


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