Wicked Wednesday – A Scavenger Hunt Bridge


One of the things I love about the Scavenger Hunt is seeing how and where all the other players captured their snaps for that particular location. It’s like going on an exhibitionist world tour! This past week, Marie of Rebel’s Notes inspired me with her SH at Westminster Bridge in London. In past weeks Curvaceous Dee took me to Australia, Clive drew me into a dense forest, and some complete strangers showed me a little bit of their home town in California.

As I was looking through my own Bridge photos, yet another reason why I so enjoy this meme became apparent: the photos may capture a particular moment of silliness or naughtiness, but looking at them reminds me of the whole story of how we got the picture(s). As she did in her bridge photos, Kazi often tells the story behind her Scavenging adventures and why she picked a certain spot, as did Nolens Volens in his bridge pictures. And as for Molly’s bridge pics, well, she was just being her irrepressible, adorable self.

Our bridge almost didn’t happen. We were on our Great Katy Trail Adventure, on the last day and very close to the end. We were all tired, and looking forward to getting off the bikes and having a glass of beer, and had kind of put ourselves into “go” mode. “Keep going, keep going, don’t stop, just have to make it home!” I had been jonesing for a bridge shot, because we had traveled over a LOT of them, the trail having been built on the bed of an old railroad track, and thus having many opportunities for bridge shots (according to me.) I had even tried to talk the Guys into getting a snap at the bridge in Jefferson City at the very beginning, but the most they would do was let me take a picture of the capitol.

capitol“Don’t you wanna see my tits?!?” I cried. “Wouldn’t that be a cool shot??”

“No!” they said, and rode on.

At every bridge we came to I slowed down and said, “Here?” “How about here?” But the Guys had shook their heads every time. “Too much traffic.” “Too close to the road.” “No place to get the shot.”

Then finally we came out of this lovely, heavily-wooded stretch of trail. In the falling light the leaves were a deep, verdant green. The light over the bridge had that velvety, half-twilight feel that you get in the woods, even when twilight is hours away. It was so still it felt as if the world was holding its breath.

I stopped. “C’mon,” I said, “this is perfect! Ad, you keep an eye down that way, and W can see anyone coming from the other direction.” They (of course) were dubious, but…well. I can be persuasive. And we ended up getting quite a few shots!





As it turned out, the break from riding was just what we needed, and we left the bridge re-energized and ready to take on the last 10 miles.

I think this puts me at 17 Scavenger Hunt locations!


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  1. KaziG

    Oh, well done!!
    Thanks for the shout-out! You reminded me of my naughty biker series of shots, I’ll have to resurrect that again this year ;)

    ~Kazi xxx

  2. Molly

    I LOVE this story, the thought of you offering your tits as an incentive really made me chuckle as from what I know of both men if they wanted your tits out they would happily arrange that!

    I agree with you about the Scavenger Hunt, I love the community too, I love seeing other peoples locations AND hearing there stories, which are often funny and naughty. I am so looking forward to the weather finally picking up here and getting out and about again to add to my Scavenger Hunt location. I have a few already planned out, I just REALLY need it to not be so damn cold.


  3. Curvaceous Dee

    Oh, I love these! Finding the places for the Scavenger Hunt is often as much fun as getting the photos – and reading those stories is as great as seeing the pics :)

    I’ve updated the pages, and yes – you’re at 17 now!

    xx Dee

  4. Lord Raven

    hummm something new for me and mine to try out. As we live near a big city I think we could find many places to have fun with this. Thank you for the inspiring idea ;) and happy trails


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