Wicked Wednesday – Scavenger Hunt: Train

A short and sweet Wicked Wednesday, since I am hurrying to get everything ready to head out of town again, but since I had written about all the vanilla stuff I did this past weekend, I figured I should share what I did in the few moments I had alone while on the train:



I’d forgotten how hard it is to watch for onlookers, pose for a picture, and take one that looks half-decent (and isn’t blurry, off-center, so dark you can’t make out what’s going on) all by myself!

This was a fun, 15-minute interlude though from all the mom-and-me time on the train. While that was lovely, I needed a few minutes to myself! So of course I had to get a snap of me doing something naughty.

In the interests of being true to the Scavenger Hunt rules, I made sure I was a) UP in the window so that anyone watching the train pass by could *possibly* see me, and b) left the drapes of our sleeping car open. Yep, I was a daring girl. ;-)

And that’s another Scavenger Hunt arrow in my hat. Or through my head. Or something like that. (If you get the reference, high five to you!) :-D

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  1. Molly

    I have to say having a partner is crime has certainly made Scavenger Hunt that tiny bit more doable but just as much fun! You did great though, I al impressed and the outline of your nipple against the light is beautiful


  2. Curvaceous Dee

    You look so very luscious – your expression in the second photo is great! I really like the peak of your nipple in the pics, too, as a contrast with the flat landscape outside the train window :)

    The SH pages are updated!

    xx Dee

    1. Jade Post author

      Me too! It’s such a fun game, makes going anywhere interesting and a possible opportunity for naughtiness. :-)


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