Boardwalk Badness, Part 2: Let the Spankings Commence!


(continued from Boardwalk Badness, Part 1)

Soooo…where did we leave off? Oh, hmm, I think it was Friday morning.

Actually Friday morning and day are a little bit foggy to me.  That may have been the day that Pandora and I went out for breakfast…or perhaps that was Saturday. I may have tried to write a bit, or I might have gone for a run on the beach. I just can’t recall…

What I do know is that I spent a few hours on my own that morning/day, and I was perfectly fine with it.

Alone time is such a catch-22 for me. I need quiet space, away from interaction, in order to recharge. But I don’t like to actually be alone during that time. In fact, if I am traveling alone, I often get depressed when I am by myself. So what I need is a mix of alone & together: alone-but-in-the-presence-of-others. Quiet time, quiet space, but with people who understand that need nearby. Not an easy mix to find when at a convention full of strangers.

However…that is precisely why I sometimes make myself travel alone: to challenge that, to force myself to be alone – for real – and find peace with it and myself. And this trip…I found that balance, at least Friday. I had a few hours alone when I needed it, and didn’t feel sad or lonely. I just felt…like I was taking care of myself. Being good to myself. That was one thing that I was very determined to do on this trip: listen to my self, heed my body and mind, honor its limitations – and allow myself to experience everything in the moment, without preconceived notions or expectations. And I have to give myself an A+ on all counts! :-D

Okay, back to the day’s events…I do recall that there was a newbie orientation. Prior to the event, I had planned to be there. I was a newbie, I should go, right? But when time came…I wasn’t feeling like a newbie! That’s how comfortable I was there. So I didn’t go, but I also didn’t feel like I was avoiding it just because Pandora wasn’t there (she was otherwise occupied.) And to prove it to myself, I made myself go to that night’s meet and greet, all by myself. Okay guys, you just gotta understand how BIG that was for me. I walked into that bar and saw all those people that I didn’t know…and was terrified. So I stood outside the entrance for a few minutes and chatted with a gentleman that P had intro’d me to, and then, I took a deep breath, said “good bye” to my friend, and walked in.

All by my little lonesome.

The last time I had done that was way back, when I first got into kink and I went to a munch alone – and not one person had said a word to me. I had felt like the wallflower I had been in high school. But you know what? I wasn’t that wallflower anymore. I wasn’t the girl I used to be: shy and self-conscious.  This time…I walked up to three complete strangers and introduced myself. And guess what? They talked to me! They were friendly, and by the end of the hour, I had been asked if I’d be interested in playing by four or five people! Suddenly I was intimidated in a whole new way: I’ve never had that much attention in my life…! LOL

I kept my cool though, and eventually found my friend T, from Dallas, and we started talking, and I began to relax again. And soon we had made plans for dinner, which we ended up having with Pandora and a couple others that joined us. It was fun getting to introduce a friend of mine to P this time!

Friday night’s play party was a blast. P and I got ready together, and I must admit, we looked pretty awesome.

frinightThen off to the party we went.

Now here’s where things get a little fuzzy, and I will perhaps recall them out of order, and perhaps even incorrectly (I hope not, but the brain does funny things on endorphins, like remember a number as “17” when it was actually “6”…but more on that later!) Here is a list of things that happened:

  • The gentleman I had spoken to at the door of the meet n greet gave me my first spanking of the evening.
  • I talked with lots of people and met more of P’s friends.
  • I ran into T while looking at one of the vendor’s tables. He, CP (proprietor of as well as a new friend that I had just met, M, helped me “try out” just about every paddle and strap there (beautiful handmade leather, not wood.) I bought two, both of which the Guys used very effectively this past weekend!

I so seldom mark I had to snap a pic and send it to W! (This is from this past weekend.)

  • I ran into a scrumptious man from Scandinavia that P had introduced me to before (and whom I had seen spanking a very lovely girl the night before.) He offered me a fortune cookie. “But be aware, your fortune will happen in the next 2 minutes!” he said. I had no clue what the game was…duh. “You will receive 100 strikes!” it said, or something to that effect. I do recall that it was 100, because my brain wasn’t fuzzed yet. He took out a strap, bent me over a table, and gave me a delicious, intense, strapping.
  • I saw B again, and he took me over to the “spanking area” (a curtained off area in the ballroom) and gave me another yummy spanking, this one quite a bit different though, it was over a bench, with an edge of D/s that made my little submissive hindbrain stand up at attention.
  • I had a lovely long talk with the aforementioned “M,” who, sadly, I did not end up playing with over the weekend, but with whom I have taken up an ongoing email exchange that I can only hope ends up being more, someday, as we found we have quite a lot of mutual interests. :-)
  • I ended up, floaty and happy, at the suite party later that night with Pandora, and watched her play with F, from the day before. I was sitting there, grinning like a Cheshire cat, as they finished up – and F turned around and said, “Who’s next?” I wasn’t brave enough to raise my hand, so he did it for me, the lovely man. “Your turn, Jade!” he said, and pulled me up. I, of course, didn’t resist at all. He commenced with a yummy flogging and spanking, at the end of which Pandora stood up. “I know I said I didn’t feel toppish toward you,” she said, “but now, watching you get flogged, I do. I’d like to cane you. Would you like that?” Would I like that??!? Would I EVER! It’s funny, but what she said was true, we had been relating as equals all weekend, and I didn’t feel submissive toward her…but as she said that, I realized that I very much wanted to bottom to her. And bottom I did, and Top she did. She gave me the most incredible caning. Intense but not unmanageable, hard and yet not so hard that I felt I couldn’t deal with it, pushing me right to the edge with a build-up that had me begging in my mind for more every time she stopped, while I gasped for breath every time she struck. And that’s where the “17 vs 6” came in. Apparently at one point she had me count the last six, which (I believe) I did. But the next day, what I remembered was the number 17. I believed that she had told me to count to 17, not 6! (Why 17? Who knows…) It was only when she corrected me that I realized I had remembered it completely wrong! I about died laughing.
  • I believe it was at this point that I got one last spanking from B. Or that may have been in between…I can’t quite recall the exact timing. I do remember another OTK from him on a bed though, a rather longer and more intense one this time, hinting at what-could-be…unfortunately we never got to explore more, as the weekend flew by with no further opportunities for that kind of interaction between us. We did, however, get to talk lots more, and have since kept in touch. (Hmm, in thinking about now, I am sure it was before the caning…I just can’t recall how I got from one spanking to the next!)

And that, my friends, wraps up what I can recall of Friday. Quite a day and night! It was to be my most intense day of spankings, tho there was still lots more fun (some of which I posted about here), and a few more spankings, and a last caning/whipping, as well as soooo much talk and camaraderie and friendship to come, before I left on Monday.

Stay tuned for more.

(to be continued…)








  1. Pandora

    This was so cool to read! I still have enormous admiration for you for venturing into a new scene and a new city without any existing network and for rocking the weekend so hard. I’m glad my work commitments on Friday (that was the day we went out for breakfast, btw!) springboarded you into some healthy alone time. And WELL DONE for going to the meet n greet on your own and introducing yourself to people! I totally get what a big deal that is and I am not at all surprised that you proved so popular :)

    Loved reading your memories of Friday night. With you and Dirk and Fineous that whole scene was a big interwoven tangle of new connections and good energy. You were a delight to play with (and, I maintain, totally irresistible). Thank you for the trust you showed.

    By the way, you got 18 “proper” cane strokes – but it was only the last six you counted out loud. So 17 was nearly right! Isn’t it funny how endorphins can play tricks on our memory, though. I swear that I got 48 cane strokes from Paul Allen the following night, I’m sure that’s how many I counted, but he tells me it was only 12 from each of three canes. I’m still not sure which of us is right about that one!

    Damnit, now you’re already ahead of me in your party reports. I need to write my next post and get caught up :)

    1. Jade Post author

      ~grin~ I can’t wait to read it. And I am so glad to know that 17 didn’t come out of the clear blue! Ha! (Tho of course that just goes to highlight my poor counting skills!) ;-)

      I do recall now you telling me about your own “math deficiency” (or perhaps his?) ;-) in your scene with Paul. It IS odd how endorphins do that!

      And yes, “that whole scene was a big interwoven tangle of new connections and good energy.” I couldn’t agree more!



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