Boardwalk Badness Weekend: Part 1


It’s hard to believe two whole weeks have passed since my weekend in Atlantic City. At this time on that weekend I was…hmm. I think I was floating in a giant-ass jacuzzi with my amazing roommate Pandora Blake (read her own write-ups at the link) and a friend of hers, a man that would later give me an amazing caning, single-tailing & cat’o’nine whipping.

Here is the result of that whipping, two days later:


Anyway, back to a more organized recap of the weekend…

So much has happened since the weekend that this write-up may be a bit sketchy. And so much happened at the weekend itself that it’ll be hard to remember it all. But I am going to give it a try, and I just may have to revisit topics and conversations later in the blog as they come back to me.


(Started Thursday afternoon before the weekend…)

It’s Thursday, 1:30 in the afternoon, and I am headed down to Atlantic City for my Big Bad Spanking Adventure, otherwise known as Boardwalk Badness Weekend, a yearly spanking convention that I have mentioned a few times. Hard to believe an offhand comment on Twitter weeks ago has really come to this: me on a bus for a weekend alone with 250+ spankos all gathered in one place for the sole purpose of partying, flirting, spanking and getting spanked.

Well, I won’t be completely alone: the person that I exchanged those initial tweets with, British spanking model and producer Pandora Blake will be my roommate.  But I don’t know her any better than the rest of those at the event…

Oh wait, there is someone else that I know a little better than that. Shortly after I signed up for the event someone that I had met once for a spanking date Fetmailed me to tell me he was thinking about attending, and had seen my profile on the “attending” list, and what did I think about the party?  Of course I had no opinion except what I had heard from Pandora, as I have never been to one, but he ended up signing up, so that means I will also know one other person at least, if I can find him there.


And that was as far as I got, before the weekend started and blogging became the last thing on my mind.

So…Thursday. I wasn’t actually as nervous as I had thought I would be. And later, when people told me how “brave” I was for going all the way to Atlantic City, alone, knowing no one and never having attended a spanking party before…well, by then (within hours of arriving, really) it seemed like I was among friends already, so it didn’t feel like I had been brave at all. It just felt right.

That was the wonderful thing about this trip…I have never felt so welcomed as I did at this party, by the people I met there. Meeting and talking with people had never been easier.

That, of course, was due in large part to my roomie-for-the-weekend, Pandora, who I have mentioned a few times on here and who I follow on Twitter. That was, in fact, how I had come to know about the party, and become roommates with her for it. An offhand remark about needing a roommate for the party and…there we were.

She was the first person I met as I walked in the door of the casino/hotel, as a matter of fact. And how grateful I was to see her! As I walked up to the hotel from where the bus had dropped me off, lugging my GIGANTIC bag, I looked at the monolith that was the hotel and all my “I’m not nervous at all!” bravado melted away. How was I going to find anyone there, much less someone who I had only known online? The usual anxiety I have about meeting strangers (and not recognizing them) screamed to the forefront…

But then there she was, waiting just inside the door, and within moments I felt at ease. As she showed me our room and we started to get to know each other, I was immediately drawn to her and knew that at least in this, everything was going to work out fine. A feeling that turned out to be exactly right, as we ended up fast friends by the end of the weekend.

After I had admired the fantastic view out of our hotel room and unpacked a bit, we decided to head down to the casino level to find some food. We almost immediately ran into friends of hers, a not unusual occurrence, as I discovered as the weekend went on. And this turned out to be one of the unexpected and delightful results of rooming with Pandora: she introduced me to, and welcomed me into, her circle of friends and acquaintances, so that I got to meet and know people that I probably wouldn’t have otherwise, as I find it somewhat difficult to introduce myself to people cold. But give me an introduction…

Still, I was determined not to rely on Pandora completely for my social circle during the party. First of all because I did not want to infringe on her time with her own friends and playmates, or to make her feel responsible for me; and second because…well, hell. I can’t just accept that I suck at this “party” thing! So I had already challenged myself to walk up to and actually TALK to strangers, at least one a day, all weekend. (I know that doesn’t sound like much, but for me, that was a huge challenge!)  Anyway, she introduced me to her friends, one a guy that she had met at a previous party, and the other being another blogger, Alex of Alex in Spankingland, a blog that I had recently discovered via Pandora’s website, and we all headed out to the boardwalk to get something to eat. I was greatly enthused at that: it’d been forever since I’d been to the ocean and I was dying to see it.

The eating part was not greatly successful (boardwalk food is so not my favorite) but the conversation was engrossing enough that I actually forgot to look at the ocean! I felt an instant attraction to F, who would become a friend over the weekend, and Alex and Pandora had much catching up to do, and we ended up actually doing some shopping in one of those little ticky-tacky shops that sell cheap party dresses. As Pandora tried on one sexy little number, I drooled over a red dress, thinking about the $100 W had slipped me as I waited at the bus station. “For incidentals,” he’d said. “I don’t want you worrying about spending money.” (Ain’t he sweet?) And then he added, “But no clothes!” Looking at the dress though, and then at myself in it as I tried it on, I couldn’t believe he meant THAT dress when he said “no clothes!” Surely, after he saw me in it he would forgive me for disobeying…within the first hour of having arrived…right?


And if not…well, he could punish me for it. ;-)

I think he liked the dress just fine, however. ;-)

So did a lot of others, as Pandora and I decided to wear our sexy dresses to the mixer, a meet and greet, that night. “It’s informal,” someone had told me beforehand. “Casual.”

Screw casual!


Still, if I hadn’t been with Pandora, I might have felt out of place. With her there, looking so smashing, I felt right at home. And I realized that although some advice that I had been given in one of the discussion groups had been a bit off the mark, it was actually spot on in other ways. When I had asked what appropriate attire for the event was, someone had told me, “Wear what makes you comfortable.” I think they meant casual wear, because a lot of women do seem ill-at-ease in sky-high heels and what I call slutwear…but that is what I feel comfortable in. So I felt great!

And I met so many fun people that first night. I ran into my friend from Dallas again, and realized that he had already run into F, who was so from Dallas. I met a lovely gentleman that Pandora had sessioned with earlier that day, and realized that he was someone I had been talking to before the party via Fetlife. And I met B, who would end up being a delightful, caring friend all weekend long, looking after me with kindness and just the right amount of lust. ;-) He would also be the person that would give me my first spanking at the party!

That, in fact, came that night, when we all headed up to the suite level for the “suite parties,” where they open the suites for socializing and play. It was great fun, much more so than any swinger event suite parties we have attended, and eventually B took me by the hand and led me to a table of implements set out for people to try. He encouraged me to pick one out. In a little bit of a test, I chose a beautiful, dense wooden paddle with holes in it. Why was it a test? Because we had talked earlier about implements, and he has talked every intelligently about the care one must take when using a wooden paddle on someone of my size and frame – being thin, a paddle can hurt quite a bit, and even be dangerous. So I wanted to see how he would use it.

He “passed” the test with flying colors, delivering a hand spanking that was absolutely perfect, and even managed to make my rings jiggle and sway in just the right way (making me squirm and pant over his knee.) ;-) And then he used the paddle, giving me several – but not too many – swats with it, before running his hand gently over my bottom and turning me around to perch in his lap for a cuddle. “You’re delicious,” he said, and I had to admit that I was just a bit smitten! That feeling has stayed with me in these days following, and I hope to parlay that into a real friendship, even going to see him in his hometown sometime, if I can ever afford it.

The evening ended (for me) with me getting to see Pandora delivering a lovely “good girl” spanking to Alex, before I headed back to our room to sleep. It was fairly early, for this crowd (about 12:30) but I was a bit wiped out from all the travel, and I really wanted to be fresh for the rest of the weekend. A good decision, as it turned out!

(to be continued…)



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