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“You are getting very horny…you can’t control yourself, you must have sex, you’re a slut and you have no inhibitions, you must have cock and you must have it now!”

Yep, pretty cheesy, but that is where my mind goes when I fantasize about erotic hypnosis. Apparently, I have a much greater fascination with and kink about erotic hypnosis than others. And here I thought everyone dreamed of mind control and used it as fapping material. (What, they don’t?!?)

Seriously though, when I first presented this as a prompt, I expected to read about how everyone craved (at least in fantasy) to experience this kind of (what I think of as ultimate) control, either as the controller or the controllee. (Okay I lie, not everyone, but…anyone else? Other than me? Heh.) But as usual, the Kink of the Week has delighted me with a variety of responses, many very different from my own.

Because seriously – it’s a huge turn-on for me! The notion of giving up that much control, that deeply, to actually let someone control my mind…wow. It blows my mind and takes my breath away (to say nothing of how wet I get) just thinking about it. Of course “just thinking about it” is all I can do, because I don’t know anyone that actually does it. Or of the few people that I have seen in our local community that claim to, none of them are people I want to give that kind of control to.  So, for me (at least for now) it remains a fantasy.

But what a fantasy it is. I have said before that probably at the root of my “mind” kink – the things that get me mentally, and subsequently fuel the physical aspects of what I do or allow to be done to me – is being controlled. Whether it is by mental domination or physical, that is what revs me up, makes me hot, makes me weak at the knees. It’s what makes me do things that I really don’t want to (drinking piss, anyone?) and fall into a pain scene when it’s not the yummy kind of pain. Because that “being controlled” part makes even those things a turn-on.  So being controlled through hypnosis is just an extension of that desire, to me. And, to my mind, an even edgier one: how do you safeword out of a hypnosis scene? (Of course I know that a hypnotist can’t make you do something you really don’t want to, but we’re talking about what makes it work in my head now, so go with me a bit, okay?)

Of course the thought of mucking about in someone’s subconscious is exactly why W has little interest in it. He doesn’t want to do something that might have real-life negative repercussions, and, you know, messing with a person’s brain could do that.

But fuck, the thought of him controlling my mind, making me into a real-life fuckdoll, for just one night, in a scene like the fantasies he has whispered in my ear? To have no inhibitions about fucking every man he brings to me, or being laid out on a bar and used by dozens of men, or walking into a bar and being the slutty, vampy woman he fantasizes about? And to know that he has made me into that? (That he would do that, that it is him doing it, is a very key element, btw.) Or my own fantasy: to be completely helpless, a true “fuckdoll” with no volition of my own, moved around and used, completely unable to resist. Gah, fucking hot, and a fantasy I masturbate to more often than I like to admit.

(This, by the way, is a common hypnosis fantasy called – according to Marie’s post in a quote from Wikipedia – “personality transformation.” “People who identify with the submissive side of erotic hypnosis often fantasize about being freed from responsibilities or inhibitions and transformed into someone who can freely enjoy sexual pleasures. Such sexually submissive personae include the slave, female stereotypes like the bimbo, slut, stripper and fictional characters from popular media.” So yeah, though maybe others’ fantasies don’t go quite as far as mine do (or maybe they do?) it seems to be a common desire of devotees of erotic hypnosis.)

Yep, all hot in my dirty little mind. And I often wonder if hypnosis could make a fantasy like that real.

But!…eh. “Real.” Do I actually want something like to happen? For real? I don’t know.

It’s hot to think about, though.

And now, excuse me, I need to go “think” about it a little more, in the privacy of my bedroom. ;-)
Kink of the Week


  1. Malflic

    The mix of opinions and thoughts on the topic has been fascinating.

    I’ll admit that I never thought of using hypnosis to create a “real life fuck doll” even in a fantasy scenario. Perhaps I’m not as deviant as I thought.

    1. Jade Post author

      ~grin~ That has been a fantasy of mine for a long time…without the “technical” hypnosis aspect, but as a mind-control fantasy. I don’t think early on it had such a…depraved…edge to it (I have W’s dirty whisperings to thank for that) but to be a mindless doll for someone’s sexual use…yep. A LONG time.

      And yanno, deviancy can be learned. ;-)

  2. Marie Rebelle

    The being controlled part is indeed what is a huge pull for me too… like you say, to be able to fuck every man he wants me to, to be able to do things without hesitation, without inhibition, without any kind of self doubt. That sounds like bliss!

    Rebel xox

  3. Molly

    I can see the draw, the complete lose of inhibitions and the total giving of control and yet I still don’t find myself drawn enough to the idea to want to explore. Yet again another fascinating topic, Jade.


  4. CateLiz

    I haven’t gone to quite that extreme with erotic hypnosis, but I have had the chance to try it. OK, I’ve had the chance to try it a lot. And if you get the chance to work with someone with whom you click, it’s a very fun and, erm, satisfying experience. I suggest looking around online to get a taste of it. Good tists seem to be easier to find online than in person. It sounds like you’re interested in a fairly strong scene, and most reputable recreational tists I know wouldn’t do a scene like that with someone until they’ve known them for a while.

    Regarding how you safeword out of a trance scene, I’ve had safewords set up in two different ways. First, your usual safeword. Second, a visual signal you give if you’re in a situation where you can’t say a safeword. You know, the normal way to do it.

    And then, I’ve safeworded myself out of trance more than once by simply coming out of it, ticked off at someone crossing a line, and giving them hell for it, or simply coming out with no drama, and not understanding why I was awake. I’ve come up from way down there, so far down that I couldn’t recall precisely what it was that upset me until I discussed it with the tist and was able to identify from his description, “THAT. THAT is what really didn’t work for me.” I’m told by others, however, that not everyone has that great a sense of self preservation. But I’m good at it. Good enough that I will play with a somewhat less than savory guy or two from time to time for sport, to test my limits, absolutely certain that if anything goes really, really wrong, I’ll be objecting from a fully awake state within seconds.


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