Sinful Sunday – Abandoned Jade: A Tease


Some time ago I said that I was going to post a preview video of the video I shot with my friend Ogre. I’ve had the damn thing for awhile now, but have been stupidly busy and have never got around to posting it. Well guess what! Here it is at last.

If Sinful Sunday is all about the image, this little 30 second clip is worth a lot of images! :-)

To read a write-up of that day of fun, and in particular, W’s take on it, go here: Abandoned Jade

To see the entire video, you’ll need to visit Mr. Ogre’s Clips4Sale site: Ogre’s World.

Now click the link below and check out all the other Sunday Sinners!

Sinful Sunday


  1. Bunny

    First of all, I adore those boots. Seriously adore them! Second of all, I am always impressed by people who can handle gags. Both Bad Kitty and I have that as a hard limit. Third, those ties look awesome ;)

    1. Jade Post author

      Thank you! I love my red boots too. And gags! Though sometimes, yeah, they can be a challenge. :-) And yeppers, Mr. Ogre did some fine tying that day. :-)

  2. Mr. Ogre

    Thank you for the praise, ladies. I do love tying beautiful women up in wild places with crazy poses. And of course, with awesome shoes to boot! (Yes, that’s a pun)

  3. Curvaceous Dee

    That looked like a blast – and one hell of a challenge (especially by the time you were up on one leg). I’d need a gag to stop me swearing my head off at the bastard doing that to me – or giggling as the endorphins hit :)

    You look amazing, Jade!

    xx Dee

  4. Molly

    Sorry for the late commenting but I had to wait until a child free moment to watch the video as I knew there was going to be audio… and what lovely audio it was. I have to say the still above of your face is amazing, the look in your eye is so damn sexy and hot.


    1. Jade Post author

      Good thought on the not-child-safe audio! Though since (as Dee notes above) I was gagged (all to protect Ogre’s delicate ears!) there wasn’t TOO much noise. But did you hear the caws of the crows? That is perhaps my favorite part of the audio. :-)

    1. Jade Post author

      LOL…that is actually an abaondoned meat packing plant in East St. Louis – NOT a good part of town. Ogre knew about it and I told him I wanted to do some pics there. He asked me if I’d agree to do video, so off we went. There are more pics of it in my “Calendar Game – January” post (you can find it under series or on the right menu.)


    OHHH that was hot – only thing missing – was what happen next – guess I will have to let my bad-girl mind just go to work – hope it was as good as I imagine it was!!!


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