A Scavenger Hunt Down Memory Lane


All this week, inspired by Marie Rebel’s Wicked Wednesday prompt, “Memories,” I am going to be taking a long walk down Memory Lane, and catching you up with some Scavenger Hunts, Alphabet Challenges & other happy days gone by.

You may recall my Alphabet Challenge on the Letter T. In it we hung out by the train tracks, and I took the opportunity to flash a little – “If this is wrong, fuck it.”  We also took a walk along the fairly-new Jefferson Barracks walking trail, and checked out some river traffic, which included a tugboat.

What I didn’t share in that post was that we also had a little flashing fun there, too, inspired by the Scavenger Hunt Location River.

Looking demure - well, except for the rope on my wrists.

Looking demure – well, except for the rope on my wrists.

A couple walked by just as Ad finished tying me and had stepped out of the frame for W to get the shot. When he saw them he stepped back over and leaned in to hide their view of the rope.

As soon as they got about fifteen yards down the path, I shooed him away, and told W to point and shoot.



Right as I did, the male of the couple turned his head and looked back. I hope he liked my pretty pink panties!

I knew that a flash of panties wouldn’t satisfy our fearless Scavenger Hunt mistress Curvaceous Dee, though. We headed over to get a different angle on the tugboat, with more of the Mississippi River in the background.

The river...

The river…

All clear?

All clear?

Success! River tittieflash!

Success! River tittieflash!



  1. Curvaceous Dee

    Absolutely gorgeous photos – you look stunning (and I love those knicker flashes!). Hooray for knocking off another Scavenger Hunt notch, too. You’re at 20 now!

    xx Dee


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