Alphabet Challenge – U is for Under Rock


The prompt for this week’s Wicked Wednesday is “Memories.” I hadn’t planned what I was going to write, or if I was going to write anything at all that had to do with the prompt, as I have an actual writing-for-submission deadline looming. (I know, I know, don’t I always?) But I’ve really been trying to focus on it – for REALS! But then, as I was looking through my files (doing some clean-up and file maintenance, something I frequently do when I am procrastinating) I found the pictures I featured yesterday and others I will be posting all week. W always says that he doesn’t remember anything without pictures. I am not that bad, but boy, do photographs bring the memories alive!

This set is from last fall when we went on our Great Katy Trail Adventure.  I intended to post the “half naked” ones soon after for Curvaceous Dee’s Scavenger Hunt, but I never got around to posting them for the Alphabet Challenge, and felt like they needed to be part of a whole package.  Eventually I forgot that we had taken the Scavenger Hunt pics, but Marie’s “memories” prompt seems like the perfect time to post them.

What I loved about taking the pictures is that I had just been looking at the Scavenger Hunt Locations list before we set out on that day’s ride, and had giggled a bit at the descriptor for “Rocks.” It says, “Rocks (big ones).” No pebbles, please! ~grin~ And well, yes, if you check out Kazi’s, Dee’s and Molly’s rock pictures, those are some big rocks!

Imagine my delight when we came around a corner in the Lewis and Clark Trail, and saw the mother of all rocks right there in our path: Balanced Rock.  I knew my next Scavenger Hunt was nigh.

Yeah it looks big...

Yeah it looks big up close…

Til you get the long view. That rock is monstrous!

…til you get the long view. Then it looks monstrous!

And that little tiny hole at the bottom, that’s the one that I crawled into so Ad and W could hog tie me around it, for the Letter U in the Alphabet Challenge: Under Rock.

Happy Girl Under a Rock.

Happy Girl Under a Rock.

Thanks for the prompt, Marie! Stumbling across this photo let me travel down Memory Lane a bit, and remember what a great trip we had. I hope we have more bicycle adventures in our future.

Meanwhile, check back tomorrow for another turn on Memory Lane. :-)





    1. Jade Post author

      It was actually a lot bigger on the inside than it looks, it was just crawling through to poke my head out the other side that was a little tight. But honestly, it was the potential bugs that I might encounter that scared me most! Ha – anything for art, right?? hehe

  1. Molly

    Damn it… and I thought I had some big rocks but you really went for monster sized ones. I love the rope work too and best of all the happy face as a result!


  2. Lord Ravven

    a wonderful set of pictures and getting to explore your own kink on the same path other explorers blazed a trail down counts as bonus points in my book.


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