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I still have posts to write about:

  1. My last day at Boardwalk Badness
  2. Days with W in NYC and some of the fun we got up to there
  3. The whole “Tryst Experience” post(s)
  4. And a whole lot of miscellaneous stuff!

But before I do that, I have a couple mini-Tryst posts to share. This post is why I chose Electrical Play as this week’s Kink of the Week topic, actually.

I have been terrified of electrical play since I first began to play with BDSM. In the first “BDSM Check-List” that I ever did, with the Ex, it was one of the few things that was on my Hard-Limit-Things-I-Will-Never-Ever-Do List. (Along with piss, (period) blood, humiliation, fire & scat. Yeah, look how well that’s worked out. Scat (and some kinds of fireplay) are the only two that have stayed on that list. Ha!)

And now electricity has joined the rest of the things I thought was a hard limit but really isn’t.

Electricity (and fire) were not on that list just because I thought they were “eww” though. They were on it because I have a deep, real, fear of them both. But while my fear of fire is only of fireplay (I can and do build campfires and light candles, etc.) and is rooted in a “control” issue, my fear of electricity has always been wider-ranging. I just don’t understand electricity and what makes it work; it is magic. Deadly magic.

Also, I’ve seen people get zapped by those bug zapper-type toys and with cattle prods in kinky play: there is not one thing that looks fun to me about that, and frankly the thought of someone using one of those on me terrifies me. (Yeah, that’s why it’s on my Kinky Bucket List.)

On the other hand, tens units (spelling?) also don’t do much for me. I have had one used on me for medical purposes, and never even thought of that as electricity. Someone also used something like a tens unit on me vaginally (I didn’t realize what it was he was doing until afterwards) and it didn’t do much for me either.

The Erostec (I think that's what it was called?) inserted.

The Erostec (I think that’s what it was called?) inserted.

The clothespins attached to my labia beforehand though…


…and the slaps to those clothespins…


…and the removal of those clothespins…


…all made a much larger impact and were much more interesting sensations, in my opinion.

So – not much interest in that, either.

I also got another kind of electrical toy used on me recently in my Playing to Red scene – an electric dog collar. Primarily because of where my head was, that had a strong psychological component, so much so that I think I actually missed the full physical experience of it. I do recall specifically thinking, though, as I was in the middle of terror at the thought of standing in water and being shocked, “But wait, he’s not going to actually kill me…” Apparently, before that realization, I kinda thought he might. LOL  That is actually one electrical toy I might be into playing with again, though.

And then there is the middle ground – the violet wand. Also terrifying.  But also – shock! – on my Kinky Bucket List! (I just realized I made a pun. Heh.)

Well damn. If I’m gonna put things on that freakin’ list, then I better start finding ways to make them happen, right? (At least the violet wand one. I may be the New Improved Jade that makes things happen, but buying my own cattle prod and handing it to W ain’t gonna happen in this lifetime!) Anyway, some time ago I started getting curious about electrical play for real – probably about the time I saw a woman getting fucked by an electrified dildo and thought, okay, maybe I could get off on that. That was several years ago, but it took me until I made the list to do more than hint around about it. (The addition of the cattle prod, in contrast, is a much more recent one, and comes from a completely different place than the sexually-charged (“charged”! get it?) fantasy of being fucked with electricity. That has to do with my more recent (since W) flirtation with the concept of brutality. The cattle prod is all about him (and in fact came from him) and with my desire to play on that edge, an edge that scares me.)

So yeah, I realized at some point that I was going to need to move this whole electricity project forward, but I still wasn’t sold enough on the idea to try to set up a play date with someone. But I kept seeing people posting about playing with electricity on the Tryst discussion group and before we left I was already thinking about trying it, although I was pretty sure I wouldn’t have the nerve to go through with it.

Then Saturday night comes. W, Ad and I had had a long, intense scene that day, and I was pretty wiped out, so I asked if we could just go to the playspace and hang out, watch scenes and maybe do a little spanking, light play or wrestling. The guys were amenable to this plan, so away we went.

And there was a couple who were giving electricity demos.

I watched them out of the corner of my eye for awhile. I listened to people experiencing the various attachments to the violet wands they had. And finally I moved close enough to ask her – the male half of the couple was off somewhere – to explain what she was doing. She was really, really nice, and eventually I was climbing up on the table and letting her do her thing. No, I didn’t get fucked with electricity, and she didn’t do anything terribly intense, but it was a good introduction.

So how was it?

Interesting. Not scary, after my initial anxiety, though a couple times I was startled by the sensations. I didn’t love it, but I didn’t hate it either. Sometimes the sensations were mildly annoying, like tattooing or a sunburn, sometimes they got sharper and more “sparky.” It made me giggle a few times, and gasp a few times. It didn’t make me wet, excited or euphoric, though.

It did make me realize how painful electricity – the zappy kind, like a flyswatter or cattle prod – could potentially be, though.

So do I want to take off the two electrically-themed Bucket List items? Not on your life! But the cattle prod may be a “red” after the first time I get hit with it. We’ll have to see (if it ever happens.)

(Oh, and this does sort of keep going with the “Memories” theme for this week, inspired by the Wicked Wednesday prompt. Those pictures I posted took me quite a ways down memory lane, to my early days with W, and one of the first times he “lent” me out to a friend!)

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  1. Bunny

    Glad you had a chance to try it and that you did try it instead of passing it by. I know for BKE and I the sensation build to euphoria and the marks burn in the shower the day after so it’s a lasting reminder of the time with the wand. But every person is different :) Even if it’s not your new favorite thing, thanks for checking it out :)

    1. Jade Post author

      Definitely! I hate to not try something out of fear. It may take me years to work up the courage, but eventually…I have to face it.

      I’m still looking forward to trying it more in a “scene” than as a demo, and hopefully, someday, getting fucked by electricity! But we’ll see. ;-)

  2. KaziG

    My experimentation with electricity has been all on my own… Sir is afraid to do it to me. It’s an interesting explore though :)
    Love these images!!

    ~Kazi xxx

  3. Molly

    See I think this is a perfect example of why I have learnt to say ‘never say never’ because as we change, grow and experience new things so do our desires and kinks. I like you have things that are now big kinks for me but started life on the no list however for now, electricity remains on that list.


  4. Lord Raven

    I love that adventurous spirit you got. Try it one and if you don’t hate it run with it. As I previously stated in my post I adore electric play but to each their own. I would suggest having one of your guys hold the wand in one hand and use their free hand on you. It is amazing to feel the electric touch of a lover. Just a thought. Happy playing :)

  5. Marie Rebelle

    I love to read about your experiments with this. For now I will keep away from electricity, but of course we never know which way we will grow and what things we might try :)

    Rebel xox


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