Masturbation Month Challenge Recap


As I have said before, I totally suck at follow-thru.

  1. I meant to update my progress in the Masturbation Month Challenge (a challenge I only gave myself, not an official event or anything) at least a couple times during the month.
  2. I intended to update this list daily, as masturbation occurred.
  3. I also intended to masturbate every day of the month of May.

Yeah, so, none of those things happened.

Oh well…I got a lot of good orgasms out of the challenge, even if they weren’t every day. and I had a lot of fun with it when the Guys joined in, in whatever capacity.

Here, then, is a run-down of the rest of the Challenge, since this post, Masturbation is Dirty Business.

Day 12: As a special Mother’s Day treat, I masturbate twice today. The second time I almost get walked in on – by one of my kids. Because, you know, I’m a Mom.

Day 13: – I take my hood bar out. My clit is feeling a little abraded after all the friction on the bar and masturbation is more pain than pleasure. I still manage an orgasm, but it’s a weak one.

Day 14: I don’t masturbate – the thought of rubbing one out on my poor, tender clit just too much.

Day 15: I get all my rings out because of a medical procedure I am having the next day. I masturbate for the first time with no rings in more than two years. Yes, the clit is still tender, but c’mon – two years? It’s like, I dunno, being a virgin again or something.  And it’s interesting. My pussy feels like a stranger’s and I have to reacquaint myself with it.

Day 16: The doctor’s appointment leaves me curiously aroused…he used a catheter type thing to fill my bladder with water for a test. I wonder if he could tell it turned me on. Later that night I masturbate, thinking about being filled with water, cunt and ass.

Day 17: Early morning masturbation before work. Again, it is a medical scene, this time involving a forced medical examination and orgasm that gets me off.

Day 18: I fall asleep cuddled between both men – no sex, no masturbation.

Day 19: Ad wakes up first and plays with my ringless pussy. He tells me to masturbate for them. I can’t get off with my fingers (too lazy) so I ask to use Baldy. He assents and I come for them, tho I think W has fallen asleep in the middle of it. Ad hasn’t, and I see his stiffening cock as I finish, but he doesn’t seem interested in sex, and we all drift back to sleep for several more hours.

Day 20: Rings back in, I ask Ad to stroke them while I masturbate. It’s such a simple thing, but evokes such intense pleasure.

Day 21: I try to evoke the same pleasure by stroking the rings myself while I masturbate, but a) it doesn’t feel the same, and b) I’m not coordinated enough and end up in a fir of laughter when I realize that it’s a bit like trying to rub my stomach and pat my head. Laughter does not = an orgasm!

Days 22 – 23: Crazy busy trying to get ready to go to Shibaricon and then actually traveling to Chicago for it, I completely forget to masturbate, tho I had originally hoped the Guys might make me do so in the car on the way up (yeah, still hoping for their assistance to make it a bit more fun for me.)

Day 24: W comes thru with the “assistance” part and makes me masturbate as I lay in bed between them in the morning, after they’ve both had sex with me. I love the feel of my cunt lips, slippery with their juice, and it is that image – sliding my fingers thru their come – that gets me off.

Days 25 – 27: After an amazing, brutal beat-down scene on Saturday, I am sore and stiff, and sex, even with myself, is the last thing on my mind. Funny how some scenes = sex and arouse, even those that aren’t meant to, while others do totally different things to my brain.

And this is when I stopped keeping track. I know that masturbated at least a few of these nights (I often masturbate just before sleep if Ad and I haven’t had sex or if I am not at W’s.) (I seldom masturbate by choice at W’s.) But I didn’t keep track. :-(

Still, I don’t think it was a total failure of a challenge. Well, yeah, I did fail, but, you know, how can you call it failure when I got a whole lot of pleasure out of it??


  1. jemima101

    It doesnt sound like any kind of failure to me. :-) I am intrigued by your reaction to having your rings out. I have only had them out to change them since i was pierced…

    1. Jade Post author

      Yeah I have only ever had them out for changing and two medical procedures. It was really weird, actually! I felt kind of…I don’t know, naked. But also the feel of my lips was so soft and velvety, it was a real turn-on!


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