Wicked Wednesday – It’s a Party on the Road! Also, a Scavenger Hunt.


Happy Birthday, Wicked Wednesday!!!


It’s hard to believe that Wicked Wednesday is a year old – or that it has been a year since W and I convinced Ad to join us at one of our favorite annual events, Twisted Tryst. This Wednesday, while ya’ll are partying it up over on the Wicked Wednesday blog, W, Ad and I will be on our way again to Tryst, to spend four days camping, relaxing, enjoying each other and doing assorted Bad Things. Last year there was a Pony Rustling and Breeding, I marked an item off my Bucket List, I got whipped in the woods, I got paraded around camp tied to a bamboo pole, Onyx got to be a Parade Pony, I got to indulge my (admittedly minor) need to be of service, and we did a little “rope raving“!

I wonder if this year will live up to last year?!?

Just for fun, here’s a picture we took on the way to that trip last year. I think it counts as “car” for the Scavenger Hunt, especially since as soon as I put my dress back to rights, I looked out the window to see a friendly trucker waving hello at me!


I was thinking I should call this post “I’ve got a party in my pants!” but decided, since I’m not wearing pants, that would be false advertising.


Now go on over and celebrate some Wickedness!



  1. Molly

    Oh I remember your posts from last year, especially the Pony rustling that had some truly amazing photographs in it. I love the postscript under this image though…. false advertising indeed


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