Boardwalk Badness – Wrapping It Up


Wow, it’s July, and I am only now finishing this up.  A long time ago I started writing about my weekend in April at a weekend-long spanking party in Atlantic City known as Boardwalk Badness Weekend.  Now, at long last, we arrive at the end of my amazing spanking adventure: Sunday. (I didn’t actually leave until Monday morning, but since I had to catch the bus back to NYC at 6am, there wasn’t much to Monday.)

I woke up feeling slightly chagrined at myself for having wasted Saturday night, but also refreshed. There were several activities planned: breakfast in the ballroom, a “Judicial Court” group scene, a massage by one of the attendees that I had scheduled before ever arriving at the event, and a “sunset spanking cruise” on the Hudson River. I had also learned that the spanking suites would be open again that night, although that hadn’t been listed on the event schedule.  I was determined to make the most of my last day.

But first I had to get out of the room without disturbing my roommate, who had come back in the wee hours of the morning. I might be bright-eyed and bushy tailed at 6:30 AM, but it was a near guarantee that no one else from the convention was up yet, much less Pandora. As quietly as possible I slipped out, computer on my shoulder, intending to head down the boardwalk to the Starbucks that Pandora and I had found Friday when we were desperately seeking internet connectivity.

I took a half a dozen steps outside, thinking the bright sunshine must presage warm temperatures–

–and beat a hasty retreat back into the casino. It was freezing out there!

So I ended up staying in the casino, in the makeshift coffee bar they had rigged up after an inconvenient hurricane had destroyed a lot of the ocean side of the hotel, blogging, writing, and sipping coffee, until I got a text from Pandora: she was awake; I could come back any time. Grabbing a hot tea for her, I headed back upstairs, grateful for the company. A casino at 6 AM on a Sunday morning is a damn lonely place!  But not, oddly enough, an empty one, nor a totally silent one.

I lived in or near casino towns in my early 20’s: Lake Tahoe, Reno, Carson City. Not ever having been a gambler, I often wandered by them in their off-hours, and I was always struck by the non-silence of them. The clanging, jangling, ringing bells, the machinery waiting – but never silently – for the next sucker to sidle up and drop in a coin.

And there is always the next sucker. At midnight, at 2 am, at 4 am & 6 am, they are there, their faces blank, resigned; or intense, concentrating: this time it will happen, this time will be my big break! I wandered around the casino floor that morning just looking at people, wondering about their lives, who they were, who they loved and lost, who they wanted to be, what they wanted, sitting there in those chairs in front of the machines.

I wish I could have taken pictures.

I was happy when Pandora texted that she was awake.

I almost didn’t go to the breakfast that morning, or even to the event that had been set up, the “Judicial Court.” I had been up since 6 in the morning, remember. But I wanted to spend time with Pandora, and she wanted to go, and sometimes it takes that extra little oomph to get me out of my shell and into the real world.

So we went.

I am soooo glad I did.

First, Pandora introduced me to her caning friend from the UK, Mr. Allen. While we didn’t talk specifics at this point, it did give me the opening to be able to talk to him later in the day, which precipitated us doing an amazing, yummy scene that night (and which I mentioned in this post: Boardwalk Badness, Part 1 – also where you can catch up on the whole weekend, since it’s been so long since I posted the first parts.) It went something like this:

Pandora: Mr. Allen, I’d like you to meet Jade, my roommate. I told her about our cold caning scene and she was very interested.

Mr. Allen, looking up from his bagel: Oh?

Me, turning pink: Um, yes.

Pandora: She’s interested in doing a caning scene with you.

Mr. Allen, looking slightly more interested: Oh?

Me: ~blush, stammer, looks down at feet~

See? I need more Pandora in my life to facilitate when I am obviously too star struck to manage a complete, coherent, intelligent discussion.

(A funny afternote: I was talking to Ad today about being “starstruck.” It doesn’t happen for these “big name” people that I have come across and bottomed for in the past: Midori, Lochai, Graydancer, Tatu. It’s the people that I see doing the things that *I want them to do to me* that make me tongue-tied. Mr. Allen was one of those. Again, thank goodness Pandora was there to facilitate things.)

So. Breakfast. And then “Judicial Court.”

“Judicial Court” ran right into breakfast. I had thoughts of escaping before it started, because I didn’t want to be called out, but it started while I was still noshing on my bagel, so I stayed put. It turned out to be a LOT of fun, too, so I was glad I got stuck watching it.

The set-up is that anyone can accuse anyone of a “crime” during the weekend by submitting a form. Then, at court, the accused has the right to defend themselves, and there’s a “judge” who decides the case and metes out “punishment”! All in good fun, and with much hilarity. I didn’t end up staying all the way thru though, because my friend Buzz came over and we started talking, and before I knew it we had decided to take a walk so we could talk more. I saw Pandora head out as well, and so only learned later that she and I had been called out – by my friend T! I am so grateful neither of us was there to answer for our “crimes!”

So there we were, B and I, finally with some time to talk. He had spanked me, we had flirted and we had talked “party talk,” but this was the first chance to really talk that we had. And talk we did, for at least an hour, maybe two, again in the wanna-be coffee shop. When I told him I was thinking of canceling going on the sunset spanking cruise because of the cold, he offered to lend me a warm, puffy jacket and told me I definitely should go. He couldn’t possibly know how being bundled into his jacket and given a kiss and a swat on the behind as he told me to do it affected me (yeah I’m easy.)  He was incredibly sweet and considerate and a true gentleman (who also happened to enjoy spanking me.) we have since made tentative plans for me to come see him in NYC, possibly in December. Excited!

So I had a blast on the cruise, and was so happy I went on it. If you haven’t seen this post, you have to go read it, because it tells about all the fun we had on the cruise. Totally, definitely, worth it, and B made it all possible, that lovely man. It was on the cruise that Mr. Allen and I were able to talk quite a bit more about doing a scene. The discussion started with canes, but he soon found out that I am a bit of a sensation slut, and yes, I like canes, and floggers, and singletails! Yes yes yes!!!

I think he was happy with my replies, because he said something about being sure to find him later that night.

After the cruise there was even more fun to be had. We had an amazing dinner at Morton’s Las Vegas, made all the more amazing when one of Pandora’s friends picked up the entire check – there were 8 or 10 of us. Then it was back to the hotel and the party. Whereas I had been a little reluctant to venture forth prior to the cruise, after the cruise and dinner – even being stupidly full – I was raring to go to the party suites. My two guy friends, T and F, would be there, and there had been a significant amount of flirting between us three, and Pandora would be there, and Mr. Allen, and Buzz. Friends! People I had come to know over the weekend, and with whom I wanted to stay up all night.

And which I almost did. I had a lovely scene with Mr. Allen, and found B one more time and had one last, sweet spanking.  Then there were snuggles with Pandora, and flirts with T and F (with more than one thought of asking them both back to my room), and I met even more of Pandora’s friends as we all hung out in one of the suites and talked and laughed and drank until the wee hours of the morning. And by “wee” I mean until almost 5am. It was soooo hard to leave that room! But I had to be on a bus back to NYC at 6am…

And so I finally said my goodbyes, promising to keep in touch, and headed back to real life, back to NYC, and back to W.

I’ve never been sad to leave when I had traveled alone before. I was sad to leave Atlantic City. But I had W to look forward to, and sharing my adventures with him, and New York to explore!


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