Calendar Game – June: The Bride’s Submission


At long last we come to end of our bride’s journey from defiance to submission.





Though I have a feeling she may not be as submissive as all that!


(The Bride’s Tale from the beginning: The Bride Captured)

(Editorial Comment: When I put the first post of this series up, I didn’t start out to tell a story, but I knew I had some really pretty pictures to share from the day of fun we had in the woods on W’s lake property, and I didn’t want to put them all in one post. As I started to go through the 300+ pictures W took that day, I saw a story start to emerge, and this is the result. In the next few weeks I’ll post some of another shoot we did this same day, but that didn’t fit in the “storyline” exactly, as well as some goofy outtakes and a couple of ones that W took for his particular kink. But for now, this tale is over, and we can go on to our regularly scheduled kink.) ;-)


  1. Julian Arancia

    I love the series. You look stunning in (and out of) the dress and the veil.

    The blue is simply fantastic.

    But, here’s what I love the most…..

    ….the very last shot.

    Here’s why: the caption matches the look perfectly. And is the PERFECT closing shot (like in the movies) to set us up for the sequel.

    So, this is my formal request that you all consider bringing the bride back at some point, since she’s showing a defiance streak still. :)

    1. Jade Post author

      Thank you, darling! (I’ve passed on this “request” to W. I think he can find a way to work it in!) ;-)


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