Sinful Sunday – A Walk in the Woods


Have you read Bill Bryson’s A Walk in the Woods, Rediscovering America Along the Appalachian Trail?  If you enjoy hiking, or wry, funny anecdotes showing a glimpse into Americana at its most quirky, you really should.  Meanwhile, come take a walk in the woods with us, Jade & W style. (From our recent weekend away in a cabin just an hour away from St. Louis.)

I can guarantee it won’t be anything like Mr. Bryson’s trek, though. ;-)

WriterGirl! Coffee on the patio before heading out.

WriterGirl! Coffee on the patio before heading out.

The trail from the back of the cabin.

The trail from the back of the cabin.


Trees and…


…a waterfall.

What else would you expect to find in the woods?

What else would you expect to find in the woods?




Look! A trail up.

Me: But wait, there’s more! W: It looks like it’s going to storm. Me: We won’t melt. C’mon!


Almost there.

Wait, what's this?

Hang on, what’s this?

Maybe I shouldn't have asked.

Maybe I shouldn’t have asked.


Wait. You wanna do what?

I thought you were worried about the storm...

I thought you were worried about the storm…

And there's still more trail to explore!

And there’s still more trail to explore!

Oh. Well, if you insist.

Oh. Well, if you insist.

Somehow I don't think you're worried about the storm anymore.

Somehow I don’t think you’re worried about the storm anymore.

But then...

But then…

...neither am I.

…neither am I.

Oops, guess W was right...

Oops, I guess W was right…!

But no, reall, there's more!

But wait…there’s more! We have time, I’m sure of it, because…

I found a deer blind! and the perfect opportunity for a Scavenger Hunt.

I found a deer blind! And the perfect opportunity for a Scavenger Hunt.



And we only got rained on a little.

So, wanna come hiking with us next time?

(PS – I believe I got two Scavenger Hunts this time, “Waterfall” and a suggested location of “Deer Blind.” Whatcha think, Curvaceous Dee?)

Sinful Sunday


  1. LoriandHubby

    It looks like you’re in my neck of the woods! I love your photo walk and the fun you had!

    I think you got three.. wasn’t that a well you were tied to?

    1. Jade Post author

      I am not really sure what to call it. It’s actually the housing for a water pumping station, which seemed so…arbitrary that I didn’t think it could be added to the list!

      And is your neck of the woods Illinois?! We’re right outside of Grafton in the pics…

  2. Bunny

    What an amazing group of pictures!! This looks like so much fun and I hate camping and the woods so that’s really saying something. Awesome :)

    1. Jade Post author

      I love camping, but I’m getting to where I much prefer “camping” in a cabin. ;-) But I still love to be out in the woods as much as possible!

  3. Heaven

    The woods are always so beautiful and looks like you had a lot of fun. Your eyes are gorgeous by the way.

  4. ImaGodiva

    This is wonderful. I love Bill Bryson!

    I also love the 8th picture, of you sitting in the creek looking up. Well done!

  5. SassyCat

    thought this was really cool…the whole story of photos. I have “issues” with my skin…there is no way i could sit naked in the same spots, HOWEVER the voyeur in me really enjoys looking at them..i feel so pleasantly naughty right now. :D

  6. Clive

    What a brilliant ‘story book’ of images that tell a delicious tale! Definitely worth the extra scavenge point!! (But I have never heard of a Deer Blind :)

    1. Jade Post author

      Ha! I wonder if a deer blind is something only here in the US? It’s used by hunters…they sit up in it and wait for the deer to come within shooting range…

  7. Molly

    YES! I want to come hiking in the woods with you guys. I think ‘W’ and Domsigns would get on alarmingly well and I say alarmingly because I have always found that Dom’s that get on well can be dangerous things


    1. Jade Post author

      Hehe…Oh yes, “alarming” is definitely the word I would use! I am trying to talk him into coming to Atlanta with me, so we may all get to meet up! (Maybe I shouldn’t try so hard to get him to come, hm?) hehe

  8. Beck

    I want too hike with you! You look amazing! I really like the one where you are looking up at the camera in the waterfall. Brilliantly done!

  9. Muse

    Image eight is, I think, one of the most beautiful images I’ve seen on Sinful Sunday. Fantastic composition and light for an outdoor shot. Love this set. Love the story. LOVE the location!

  10. KaziG

    I’d love to go hiking with you!! I love finding Scavenger notches in the woods, and you’ve got a couple beauts right there :)

    ~Kazi xxx

  11. ThatPosition

    I love this post!!! Some of the images are truly amazing!!! You had a really nice day.
    PS. I’ve started to read your blog and OMG! You are amazing woman!!

    1. Jade Post author

      Thank you! One of the things I love best about Sinful Sundays and Wicked Wednesdays is discovering new blogs. :-)

  12. Malflic

    I just took a trail run the other day and all I saw was bugs and spiders. Guess I’m going to the wrong places. :)

    All great pictures but the one of you looking up and back at the camera was truly stunning.

  13. TJtheMadHatter

    I love this photo journal of your day. Beautiful surroundings with a beautiful woman. What more could you ask for? Oh, wait. Nudity. You got that covered, too! So sexy.

  14. Modesty Ablaze

    What a wonderful picture-book!! Perhaps hiking might just be fun after all!! I think I’d love being tied-up on that circular concrete-thingy. You make it look as though it was made just for that very purpose.

  15. Scarlett DuBois

    I’ve been coming by here for years, and have never commented out of apprehension. But I love how you make the lifestyle fun, and you are so daring. These series of photos are so playful, and you look like you feel free. Wonderful photos Jade! xxx

    1. Jade Post author

      I am so glad you decided to comment! We do have an awful lot of fun…isn’t that what it’s all about! Thank you for your kind words. :-)

  16. Curvaceous Dee

    There is definitely three there, and they are all amazing! I’ve put them as ‘waterfall’, ‘pump station’ (there’s one I’ve been eyeing up for a while myself) and ‘hunting blind’.

    There’s a favourite pic for the month in there too!

    xx Dee

    1. Jade Post author

      Thank you thank you thank you!! And I am so glad you’ve been eyeing a pumping station too – can’t wait til you get it! :-D


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