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Okay, so I know Sinful Sunday is all about the image, but since I got strapped for time, and I can’t just post images without talking about the topic, this post is going to be both images and words. Feel free to just scroll down and check out the pics if you want, or read on to hear both W’s and my views on forniphilia…

When I first decided to do “forniphilia” (human furniture) for this week’s #KOTW prompt, I kind of knew that W had a bit of a thing for tying up women as objects. Nothing as highly developed as Gord from the infamous House of Gord, but he’s done enough of it with me that I knew it does something for him.  As I started to look through his bondage site, Bondage Demons, though, I began to see he has more of a fascination for it than I realized. In fact, it has been a recurring theme with every one of his kink partners, in some form or another. And as I started to look at some of the ties he has done with me, I realized that many of them could be said to fall into that category, even if they weren’t exactly “Jade as a chair,” or “Jade as a sprinkler.” It’s more subtle, but it is still objectification of a different sort than the sexual objectification that turns me on, and that is a deep part of my own kink.

What is it about displaying women as objects that turns him on? I can’t really say…it doesn’t affect me that way, certainly. I love to be objectified, but only if it is sexual objectification. As Molly noted in her post, I want to be lusted after, to be an object of desire, even if it is the most stark objectification, the most base example of lust, as in my post “A Collection of Holes.” In that way I do crave being treated dismissively. Used and thrown away, or pushed into a corner and ignored. In that example, the hottest part of it was that I had no voice – I was literally not allowed to speak the entire time and that, for me, drove home that I was just…a hole. A mouth, a cunt and an ass to be used.  It was incredibly hot.

But I don’t have a desire to be treated as an actual object. Being treated as a piece of furniture, as a wall decoration, a tool holder…meh. Doesn’t do much for me, from a sexual angle. And for me, kink is mostly about sex. If it doesn’t turn me on, then why bother?

Except – as Marie of Rebel’s Notes says, there’s always an “except…” isn’t there? – except that it also works in my personal kink meter if it works for him. Allowing him to manipulate and display me as an object – or conversely, to dismiss me as an object – gah, well, it turns me on that it turns him on.

And, apparently, it does:

I’ve been drawn to forniphilia since before I knew there was a term for it. I find it very hot. Photos of my fetish play show that I have incorporated it as a concept almost from the very beginning, and I’m sure mental images of it go back much further, though there aren’t that many images of it on my site. For me I’m sure that it is because it falls into the darker category of what it is that we do. To me it is not about art. It is about objectification. In my fantasies it is forced objectification – the very essence of power and control, and dismissive of her as a human being. That power could manifest from physical restraint, coercion, extortion, monetary reward or a whole number of dark places. I’ll admit – somewhat reluctantly – that for me, in fantasy, the best of this fetish incorporates elements of degradation and impersonal power. I have elaborate fantasies of girls serving as furniture, decorations, construction aids and a whole host of other devices to be used.  As things – something that derives its value from its mindless presence rather than any human intelligence or personality. In real life, of course, this has to be a mutual fantasy.  Perhaps that is the reason it is relatively rare in my personal play. But happily, believe it or not, there are indeed women that enjoy these fantasy elements as well, though I imagine many more prefer to embrace it in terms of fun, art or submission.

So there you have it from one who really gets off on it.

And now here are the promised pictures of what his style of forniphilia looks like:

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  1. ancilla ksst

    One dungeon party we went to, we did all sorts of activities, but the one that kept coming back to my mind as the most significant for me was when he sat down and ordered me to be a foot stool for him. He rested his feet for awhile, and then we got up to do other stuff. I was a little turned on, but mostly it was a feeling satisfaction, just simple happiness at being used, being a footstool for him. I may not be explaining it right, but I do enjoy this “forniphilia”. He rarely ties me up first. In that case I was just wearing a collar and leash. Sometimes at home I’m the surface for the keyboard to rest on, or a mouse pad for him, and I enjoy those too.

    1. Jade Post author

      Your comment reminds me of an evening with my Ex that I had forgotten about. We were at a party at a friend’s, and we had played hard. I was exhausted and spent, and as I lay at his feet recovering, he casually placed his feet on me. we spent a half hour or so that way. It was…lovely. (I’m sitting here processing, remembering, trying to recapture what made it so special.) Thank you for that memory! and yes…the way that you describe being “used” that way…very appealing!

    1. Jade Post author

      In looking at the pics, I can too, from an artistic perception. I find it interesting that it’s *not* an artistic expression to W though…it’s about so much more (and different.) It’s fascinating, really, to discover new things about the ones we love, isn’t it?

  2. Penny

    Enlightening post; I’ve never tried this before but it certainly looks interesting! I may try it as a theme for my erotic photography. :)

    1. Jade Post author

      As I said above, I, too can see the artistry in the images. I think you already have played a bit with this, is one of the photos of you on top of a stove? It was a great image!

      Have fun with it – I look forward to seeing what you do with it!

  3. Sammi

    Some very interesting pictures! You make me wonder if, if it was something my partner was really into, how much my feelings about it would change. If I’d be willing to give it a try, or not. Although, I suspect if he was, I’d give it at least one shot.

    1. Jade Post author

      Unless it was something that *really* squicked me out, I think that I would probably at least try it, for him. I know he would, and has, for me.

      And as I’ve mentioned before, some of the things that I NEVER thought I’d be into are the things that totally trip my trigger now, because he introduced me to them (read “brainwashed me.”) lol


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