Scavenger Hunt – Caught!


Well it was bound to happen. Someone caught me doing a Scavenger Hunt.

Actually it probably isn’t the first time someone’s seen me flashing a bit here and there. In fact, for one we did recently, I am fairly certain that people across the water from us could see what I was doing, but since they were all partiers floating on the river, I don’t think they minded one more (drunk) naked girl hanging out on the beach.

This was the first time that someone was ugly about it though. And I wasn’t even flashing anyone but W – since the road was pretty far away – and not that much – just a little sitting with open legs.


 Having “open legs” was apparently what the woman objected to, though. “Close your legs, bitch!” she yelled at me as she drove by. Too far to tell I wasn’t wearing panties, I think, since W was almost too far away.

In fact in the next moment I was going to ask him to come closer for one more shot, but after that bit of nastiness, I was a bit rattled and my pleasure in the venture had been spoiled. :-(

So…it maybe doesn’t count as a Scavenger Hunt at a bank after all. But that’s okay – I’m not going to let her ugliness sour me on it forever. ;-)

This post is my daily installment of “exhibitionism” for the Kink of the Week!

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  1. KaziG

    She was probably just jealous! :p
    I’ve certainly had that ‘adrenaline hitch’ on close calls, but no one has ever confronted me!

    ~Kazi xxx

    1. Jade Post author

      Yeah, thank goodness she just shouted it out the window as she drove by! it would have been far worse if she’d been standing there.

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  3. Curvaceous Dee

    *peers closely* ‘Open your legs wider’ I whimper … there’s just not quite enough there for the Scavenger Hunt, my dear! I’m so sorry – because it’s a great shot otherwise :)

    And she’s still a douchetard …

    xx Dee

    1. Jade Post author

      Yeah, that was my next move, because I had a feeling it wasn’t quite enough! LOL If I hadn’t been so rattled I’d got it for sure! Oh well, another excuse to be naughty!


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