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The Wicked Wednesday prompt this week is “my dark thoughts.” I imagine there are plenty of “dark thoughts” I could share: dark sexual fantasies that W and I have shared with each other; the wicked, socially unacceptable (even for our group!) fantasies I use to get myself off at times; or a darkly erotic piece of fiction.

But I’m just not there right now, that’s not where and how we are playing at the moment, so it’s hard for me to conjure those feelings up. Instead what those words bring to mind are unsettling, un-fun thoughts, things I would rather not think – or write – about.

I want fun, and light, and happiness!

Unless W wants to do something dirty, nasty and wrong to me. Then, you know, I’m all for that. ;-)

In the interests of fun (and happiness, and light) here are some snaps of a trip W and I took this past February on a road trip. I’ll let them speak for themselves.











  1. Drew

    That last shot is the most awesome view of your butt I have ever had the pleasure of viewing. You have now forced me to un-lurk twice in the last month. You’re on a roll. Keep it up, I’m liking it, oh, my, I’m liking it….

    1. Jade Post author

      It was February I think, but unseasonably warm, actually. I have more pics later in the day in which I am in a ski cap, and for good reason! :-)


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