August 19: Week in Review

Recently another blogger friend (who I have met in real life as well) said something in her blog that stuck with me and gave me pause. Alex of Alex in Spankingland participated in the “Protocol” Kink of the Week (if you haven’t had a chance to read her post Accepting the Concept, Enjoying the Reality, do so, it’s really very good, as is the rest of her blog.)  In any case, what she said as the intro to that post was that

I was always running myself ragged trying to tell every single story that happened in my life. Now that I’ve stepped back from feeling responsible for keeping up with that, I feel able to do more posts like this.

I got to thinking about that, and about how my blog has developed over the years, from deeply introspective, personal pieces, day-to-day ruminations and verbal “snapshots” of life as a poly, kinky woman, to mostly stories & pics about the hot, kinky sex we have and the occasional “thought piece” – what I call the type of introspective writings that I used to do a lot more of – and even more occasional daily “wrap-ups” of my life. There are a number of (good) reasons for that, mostly having to do with the fact that I like to write smut, especially when it’s my own, real-life smut. ;-D But I also like to journal, to just write “What I did this week,” kind of posts, and I kind of miss writing them. In fact, when I revamped the blog and integrated A Poly Life into it, it was my intention to continue to use that content “box” as a place to continue to write daily life stuff, but, well…kink and sex and what we do in our kinky lives really is pretty consuming, and how much time do I actually have to write, when there’s life to be lived, yanno?

Also, how many times do you want to read about working, running, doing yoga, talking with my kids, laundry, my goofy-ass dog, gardening and the other million-and-one mundane things that make up a life?




What I came to realize is that I want to write about those things. Kind of like my post on sub-drop and anxiety (Free Floating Anxiety.) Yeah, it’s not sexy, and maybe not even fun, but…it’s life.

So okay. I’m going to try to bring that back to the blog. You’ll find those posts here, in the A Poly Life section, or under the “Daily Life” category. I’m going to try to update on Mondays. It may be lots of words, or may be bullet points, but it’s probably not going to have much sex in it (except in passing.) If you’re interested, read on, if not, that’s fine too. :-)

Week in Review: Week of August 19

My week was consumed with planning. Last week Ad told me that he had purchased Beth Orton tickets for him, me and W to attend her concert in Chicago at the Old Town School of Folk Music the weekend before my birthday. So excited! But much planning needed to happen: how, when, where, who, what…

Over the week I managed to get the following lined up:

  • Scheduling (a) – Ad has to work that weekend but gets off in the AM Sunday and has Monday off. W and I have Fri-Mon open. So (at Ad’s suggestion) W and I are driving up Friday, staying and playing in Chicago Fri and Sat, then Ad is flying in Sunday afternoon.
  • Scheduling (b) – Contacted some Chicago friends re: doing dinner, drinks and/or going to the playspace while there. Settled Fri night dinner/play plans. Waiting for the rest to firm up.
  • Found an awesome place to stay in Chicago, via Airbnb, which is a new (to me) site that I found via Kendra of The Beautiful Kind‘s posts about their trip to Vienna. (Thanks for the tip, Kendra!)
  • Contacted my friend about the kink club we are attending Fri and Sat nights – two nights of play followed by concert on Sunday. what a great way to spend the weekend!

I also worked on plans for EroticonUSA, at which I’ll be participating in a panel discussion with the delightful Molly of Molly’s Daily Kiss. Unfortunately those plans are not coming along so well. Although my ticket to the con is paid for, I have to foot my hotel and travel expenses, and I am just now realizing it’s going to cost me a lot to go. I actually have no idea how exactly I am going to swing it, and am feeling a lot of stress about it. Sigh.

I had a wonderful run the other morning. I did have a little weirdness when I posted the following on my vanilla Facebook:

God I hate getting up early.
But I love running as the sun comes up.
Muscles stretching, lungs pumping, sweat sliding down my skin.
Sun rising pink then gold then white.
If I believed in a god, he/she or it would live in these moments, between one breath and the next.

I forgot that many of my coworkers, most of whom are on my friends list, and most of my stepfather’s family, are religious, so got a quite a few messages from people wanting to show me the error of my ways or to convert me. Bleh.

The Missy (my daughter) came over the other morning and said that she wants to do a 5K in October, so I am back on training for that. We’ll see how it goes.

I also had a terrific yoga class, and have decided to get a regular membership to the studio (I was using a Living Social coupon.)

And then there was Thursday – Sunday.

  • Thursday was a WfH day that W and I turned into a “play with Jade’s ass” day all day. W fucked my ass, then we inserted the 2.0 and tied it in so that I could wear it while we went to lunch, etc., but we got so excited (ok *I* got so excited) that we had to fuck me on the desk before we got out the door. Attempted to make it out again, and this time succeeded, going to our favorite sex positive coffee bar, Shameless Grounds. After lunch we ended up on Cherokee Street so W could poke around the antique shops, but they were closed, so we headed home with plans to come back again.  (Expect an Anal August/Njoy 2.0 Buttplug Review soon.)  That night we went to dinner at a wonderful new restaurant.  Came home and did a rope and wax scene before collapsing in a sex and rope coma. ;-)
  • Friday I had a very productive day at work – so much so that I actually stayed late because I was excited to be doing my job. I love my job, and love it when I get excited about it that way. Then I came back to W’s and we had a banner day, playing with rope (two lovely, unexpectedly intense scenes!) before we walked down to a local eatery to enjoy the perfect August weather on their patio. Bonus was a really good band that we’d never heard before.
  • Saturday morning we lazed about, then played with rope again in a grungy scene in the being-renovated-bathroom. (Remember this scene? Yeah, that bathroom, with even more of it torn up.) After that we went shopping on Cherokee Street again where we had better luck, and had lunch at the Mud House before coming home. We’d planned to go to a play party, but Ad wanted to go to a friend’s birthday party, and I was on a writing roll, so W and I decided to stay home, getting stuff done and with W giving me “47 whacks” every time he decided I needed a writing break. When we went to bed he also have me a lovely bedtime spanking, after which we both crashed – literally just passing out where we were during the spanking – ie him with his fingers in my pussy and me with my hand around his cock.
  • And Sunday was a writing, gardening and social mediating day, trying to get enough set up on the blog so I can work on a story I am writing for an Aug. 30th deadline.

And that was my week! How was yours?


  1. Malflic

    My week wasn’t nearly as eventful. With the exception of the oldest moving to college and moving back home 4 days later it would have been dull.

    On the Con thing I should know in a few days if the Blonde is going to try to go with me or not. (Jury duty, dog sitting, etc) Either way we had been talking about maybe driving down rather than flying and in theory me not working while I’m there. If we (or I) did there would be room in the car.

    1. Jade Post author

      Oh my goodness…moved back home after four days?? what happened?

      And I’ve bought my plane ticket, but if you end up driving, I can get my tickets refunded…please let me know what your plans are! :-)


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