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I never really thought much about gags before I started playing with W. I mean, I must have played with them before him, but I don’t remember doing so. I don’t actually think the look of a gag is even very sexy, although what it does to my brain is another thing entirely.  But with W, gags are a Big Thing™. Besides heels, rope, and his “demonic devices,” I think gags may one of his top kinks.

So guess who gets to be gagged – a lot!

I originally asked W to write a paragraph or two about why he digs gags so much, but after looking through all the pictures of scenes we’ve done with them, I realized that perhaps the photos speak for themselves.

He has used many many gags over the years.

In our very first play session, I got gagged not just once, but twice, with two different gags. (That should have been a clue, eh?)

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You can read all about that play date (and see some additional pics) here: Anniversary Post.

He’s used rope a lot:

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And once or twice cloth gags (the sash from my robe & my own panties):

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Of the “traditional” types of gags, ball gags seem to be an all-time favorite…

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He’s also used some of what I would term “non-traditional” gags, and traditional ones in non-traditional ways…

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Then there’s the really-fucking-fucked-up ones:

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If you’re curious about my experience with the brank (the metal headcage one above) you can read about it here: Hooray for Sexretary Day.

Many of these gags are actually handcrafted by W himself (I know, a shock, right?)

And then there’s the times he doesn’t gag me – because he wants to use a bio-gag.


That has to be my favorite gag of all!

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