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Getting closer...

We’re back from New York and I’m having a hard time settling back into “real” life. W always says it takes him a few days after a trip to get back in the game…I guess that’s proving true for me too.

(Don’t wanna work.)

So that’s why you get an unprecedented update (unprecedented because it’s actually being written/posted the day after I got back – unheard of, right?!?)

New York was lovely as always. This is me in the cab ride from LaGuardia (the WORST airport in America, I’m convinced):


Looking ready for some fall weather, huh? Unfortunately – or fortunately, depending on how you look at it – the weather was unseasonably warm (unfortunate because all I brought was long sleeves, sweaters and boots.) But I made do…just had to strip down to my cami’s most days. I don’t think W minded, tho I had to get creative to make sure I wasn’t getting all nipply around his family.

In the past we have stayed at W’s daughter’s Manhattan apartment (is it still an apartment if you own it?) but this time I used airbnb.com to find a place.  It worked fabulously for us on this trip and on our Chicago trip (yeah yeah, I know I haven’t written about that trip yet either. Hush up already.)  (BTW, a big shout-out to Kendra for her recommendation of the site after her recent trip to Vienna – thanks so much for pointing it out, TBK!) Anyway, we found a little apartment on the Upper West Side, right by Central Park and the subways, and within walking distance of W’s daughter’s place and some fun little bars.

nyc apartment

Cute place, isn’t it?

It really was ideal – close enough for walking everywhere and yet far enough away that the night we decided to have a little exhibitionist fun, we weren’t worried about getting caught by any of the family.

What?!? Exhibitionism? Us??  Well we were on the 6th floor.

And this was our view across the street.


So this happened…


And then this.

After this little escapade I wanted to write something for the voyeurism Kink of the Week topic, because I realized how much of a voyeur I could actually be if I lived somewhere where I could peek into people’s lives through their lighted windows. Not necessarily in a sexual sense (though that would be hot) but more as a way to see how other people live. I’ve actually always loved doing that, walking by houses at night with their lights on and drapes open, catching a glimpse of the lives inside, or doing house tours at Christmastime, not so much to see how they decorated, but to look at what they are like, how they live…

I knew I was supposed to be thinking about him watching US, but I just wanted to sit in the window and look in OTHER people's windows.

I knew I was supposed to be thinking about him watching US, but I just wanted to sit in the window and look in OTHER people’s windows.

So maybe I am a little more voyeuristic than I thought.

Other than that, though, our trip was mostly family-oriented (though okay, I was completely wrong in this preview of our trip – hooray for me!)   There was lots and lots of time spent with his daughter, son-in-law, granddaughter (whose birthday it was) and his ex-wife.

Yep, you read that right, I just spent the majority of four days with W’s ex-wife.

This is one of the things that I immediately liked about W, though, and that I like about a lot of polyfolk: breaking up, ending a relationship, or divorcing doesn’t have to to mean “instant hatred.” It doesn’t mean everyone’s mad at everyone else. And in his case, it almost doesn’t mean they aren’t still a family–and okay, at times over the four days I even wondered if they realized they aren’t still married to each other. (I’m kidding.  Mostly. More than twenty years living together and interacting with each other ingrains some behaviors I guess.) But for the most part, it was all very amicable. She was welcoming and gracious, and though not exactly the type of person that I would choose as a friend, she has a lot of varied interests and never made me feel like I was an interloper. Her daughter, who I have spent time with before, was very welcoming as well, while also encouraging he and I to spend some time doing stuff on our own while we were there too.  So we did, wandering the neighborhoods in between her place and ours each evening after we left, walking to the George Washington Bridge and over to New Jersey one afternoon (we walked from Brooklyn to Union Station over the Manhattan Bridge on a previous trip), and spending the afternoon shopping on our last day.

So, without further ado, here’s some pictures of our rambles.

Our walk to New Jersey…

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And some things that caught my fancy on another trip down to the East Village, to check out a bookstore.

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And that’s all I got for now. But I’ll be back. :-)


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