Alphabet Challenge – W is for Warren County, Wreck & Waterlilies


Also, A Scavenger Hunt!

I’m a little embarrassed to admit that I haven’t finished up with the Alphabet Challenge. Can you believe I started this whole project way back in April of 2012?? Yeah, over a year.

Okay I admit I’m not really that embarrassed. I’ve been busy! But alright, alright…here we go with W.

So many wonderful, fun days we had capturing these. So many different places and adventures…

Remember the Great Katy Trail Adventure? That was my last birthday’s fun. Well, we managed another Rope on the Run capture on that trip:

W is, of course, for Warren (County.)

W is, of course, for Warren (County.)

That summer we had some other, warmer adventures as well. One humid day in June or July, W, Ad & I were walking along the bank of the mighty Mississippi, and we looked across the river, which was at an historic low, to see the wreck of barge exposed in a sandbar.

“There’s our W!” I said, pointing.  “Let’s go!”

The Guys both looked at me like I was insane. Then (after a whole lot of cajoling and some fancy persuasion on my part) we all climbed into W’s Jeep and headed to Illinois, because that was the side of the river that the wreck of the barge was on.

After a drive through cornfields and along the top of a earthen dyke, we ended up here:

And I ended up tied up to the wreck, like this:


And this:


And, well…I couldn’t pass up the chance to get the Scavenger Hunt of a lifetime: a Wreck! (There’s no category for this, so I’ll have to rely on Dee to decide where it should go, or if it should be its own (really cool) category.) ;-)


After that rather epic “W,” I found one more later that fall.

I love waterlilies, and while I have always known of them in the ponds at the Botanical Gardens, I was not aware that they also grow in two ponds in Forest Park. So when I saw them as we were walking back to our car after this adventure, I knew I had to have another photo.

Even if a wedding was in progress in the building just behind us.







    1. Jade

      @GrittyWoman – Thanks, we do have some fun! :-)
      @Ancilla – I actually had the waterlilies picture (with the rope cropped out) on my vanilla FB for quite a while. It’s one of my favorites too.
      @MissJuly – Thank you!
      @Marie – That’s one of my favorites as well.
      @Bunny – Yeah that barge was quite a find! When we saw it across the Mississippi I *knew* we had to go over. Both Guys were like, “Let’s plan it for another day, next weekend…” But I was…persuasive. ;-) Thank goodness too, because the next weekend the weather sucked!
      @Silverdrop – Thank you! :-)
      @John & Urbanvox – Thank you both. Of course the credit for the rope goes to W (the man, not the letter.) ;-)
      @Kazi – You should! I’m sure you could do some spectacular ones. :-)

  1. Molly

    These are brilliant and I LOVE you outfit in the last pictures. I think ‘wreck’ should be a new location on the Scavenger Hunt list but I wonder if it can be any type of wreck or if it has to be a boat as I have a car wreck series of pics I have not posted yet….. *looks to Dee for answers


    1. Jade Post author

      I think “wreck” in general would be the way to go – “shipwreck” “boatwreck” or “bargewreck” might be a little too specific! LOL

  2. Curvaceous Dee

    It’s a new category (‘Wreck’) and absolutely glorious, Jade. And even better – with this great post you’ve made PLATINUM! *does a delighted dance* This is your 30th location :)

    xx Dee

  3. KaziG

    Love these pics!! and what an awesome new category for the scavenger hunt :)
    As usual, I am in awe of the ropework. I have got to get off my heinie and do more in that regard!!

    ~Kazi xxx


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