Anal August 2013 – The Wrap-Up


It seems like every time I sit down here to write I am apologizing for being behind. (No pun intended, seeing as this is an “Anal August” update.) ;-) Seriously though, September sort of sucked (even if it was possibly the most awesome birthday month ever) and it’s taken a while for me to get back on the blogging horse. So that means that I am playing major catch-up on all the things I have wanted to write about and promised to follow-up on, such as this post, the Alphabet Challenge, a 2.0 “review,” my birthday weekend in Chicago and my birthday spankings, September’s Calendar Game…to say nothing of event pics and thoughts from Twisted Tryst and Madtownkinkfest, musings about dating and blogging, and a myriad of other Scavenger Hunt posts.

Yikes, I really do suck! (Yeah, yeah, I know I’ve used that line before. Whatever.)

Okay, well, one thing at a time, right?

Soooo…how did Anal August 2013 “end” up? Did we achieve our (far more modest than last year’s insane) goals?

Some yes, some no.

Here were our goals and whether or not we accomplished them:

  • An ass hook will be used – YES
  • An enema will be given – YES
  • An inflatable butt plug will be used with the objective of discomfort. – ATTEMPTED – FAILED
  • Create a harness for the Njoy – YES
  • Test it by wearing it:
    • for 4 hours – YES
    • in various activities (hiking – NO, walking – YES, biking – NO, housework – NO)
    • during one public outing – YES
  • Wear the Njoy 2.0 all day on a Work from Home day with W. (Testing to see if it really will fall out, or if I am just paranoid.) – YES and NO.
  • Offer, encourage and accept ass sex any time either partner – or any other sexual partner during the month – wants. – YES

According to this update in the middle of the month, we had accomplished some variations of the harness/njoy-wearing and had lots of ass sex. Doesn’t sound like much, but we did have the rest of the month to go…

And yes, we managed to accomplish a few more things on our list over the next couple weeks.

The Guys used an ass hook on me (aka Strawberry Shortcake) as you saw in this post: Strawberry Shortcake Defiled! W also felt inspired late one night to use it on me again, along with some hot wax.

ass hook and wax


We’d already done the ass hook, but I don’t think I complained. In fact I think I was quite amenable to this little game. :-)

Later in the week, as we played another game (help Jade write her “Spank Jade” post by whacking her with each implement, you know, so she has an example to use in describing each one) W tried to add the inflatable butt plug as additional incentive to get the post written. But the combination of trying to write while getting hit repeatedly, by several different, nasty implements AND the butt plug was too much for me and I begged off the plug. Ass play is a different kind of play for me, and trying to combine it with impact play usually doesn’t work.

I need to concentrate when I am getting things shoved up my ass.

So that was a fail.

But later, there was this:

red enema bag

So here’s the deal. There’s a certain kind of enema play that <ahem> I like.

Yeah, I’m a little embarrassed to even admit that. But okay, “TMI” and all that…but it’s true! And when we added the enema to the Anal August goals I was all, “Cool! Enema & orgasm…yumm!”

Yeah. Not so much.

This was W’s idea of an enema scene:


In the basement, in a horribly uncomfortable position, with my hands and legs TIED so I wasn’t going anywhere, no matter how bad it got. And, to make matters worse, he did this:


So I couldn’t even beg him in anything other than grunts and squeals when it was too much.

I will say this for the man, though, he was brave. He took some shots from behind and below (NO, I won’t share those!) that could have been…disastrous. As it was, it almost was disastrous… (would have served him right, wouldn’t it?!?)


That really was the most miserable enema scene I’ve ever done, but it was soooo like W to do it that way. Afterward, I didn’t even ask for an orgasm. I had no desire for one. No wonder when he said we were going to do the scene (without sharing his “vision” of it) and I asked to bring my hitachi with us, he gave me a weird little smirk. “Su-u-u-r-e,” he said. The big meanie.

Last but not least, W did manage to make a really functional and comfortable harness for my njoys, and I wore it all day one day while we did all kinds of fun, naughty, nasty, and vanilla things.

Things I will tell you all about in a separate post! :-)

So, another (mostly) successful Anal August!

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