Calendar Game – September


This is what happens when I get behind: I end up posting two months’ Calendar Game pics inside of a week (and neither of them for the month that we’re currently in.) Oh well, more fun for you, right?

So what’s the most important thing about September?

My birthday, of course!

We had a lot of ideas about things to do for September, actually: Labor Day, start of school, end of summer…but the only one that really matters is:

It’s my birthday month!!!

(Okay, that’s not exactly true. We wanted to shoot multiple Rope on the Runs for September, but, as you know, September was a rough month for me. So, birthday is what you get.)

We decided to find a picnic bench at a local park to do our “tie and dash.” On a perfect fall weekend day, this proved to be somewhat more problematic than we realized it would be. (Can you say “duh“?) We drove, and drove, and drove, from one park to the next. What the heck were all these parents and kids doing out in the park? Why weren’t they inside playing computer games like they should be? Didn’t those people playing Frisbee know that I needed to get a bondage picture? Did those kids playing football really need to be doing that this afternoon??!?  And what about all those joggers, people walking their dogs, lovers having picnics…??

Finally, in a park near a pool that had been closed for the summer, we spied a picnic bench that was 1) unused; and 2) not surrounded by multitudes of park-goers.

Little did I realize that just on the other side of the building was a well-populated playground, and just on the other side of the parking lot was a clubhouse for the many golfers that were out that day, on the beautiful golf course that was just beyond a strip of bushes and underbrush.

But wait, I’ll show you.

It was a birthday party, so I had a cupcake and some friends to celebrate with me. Oh, and the pretty pink rope that I had won in Beck and Her Kink’s Agreeable Agony Sultry Saturday Contest with this post.


This was our spot. The golf course is just behind that line of brush behind me (beyond the ugly green trashcan. Yuck.) :-(


And just beyond those trees is the recreation building, and next to that is the playground, where about a zillion rugrats played, unbeknownst to me (I have no idea how I didn’t hear them. The park has poor acoustics or else I was single-minded in the pursuit of my Rope on the Run snaps!)

Nothing was going to keep me from my birthday celebration though.


Make a wish!


Or from my giant birthday cupcake!



I am very good at sharing though. (My Mama taught me well.) :-)



Just behind us is a parking lot and the clubhouse. We later realized the parking lot just beyond this one was full of golfers’ cars. And golfers.

Seriously, what could be better than pink birthday cupcake?

Seriously, what could be better than pink birthday cupcake?

How about a Scavenger Hunt on the golf course? (You didn’t think I could resist, did you?)


I really wanted to get one here, but the playground is right behind us here. I had actually maneuvered myself behind a tree anyway and was about to do the deed, when a group of golfers drove up in a cart. Darn!

Instead, we headed back around to the other fairway, the one just beyond the scrub brush behind us at the picnic bench. I had to get at least one quick shot, dammit!

We managed two. :-)



Guess what? With my “Wreck” category, I’m now “Platinum!”

As always, thank you Curvaceous Dee for hosting the Scavenger Hunt, and giving us all a reason to get a little more naked! :-)



  1. Julian Arancia

    (OK the “do a math problem” captcha is getting hard. I had to use my calculator!)

    “Seriously, what could be better than pink birthday cupcake?” – Pink birthday cupcake smeared on you? Your picture had hints of that; that was the first thing that popped into my mind when I read the caption.

    Happy Birthday and thank you for sharing, as always!

    1. Jade Post author

      Thanks, Dee! Oh but I wanted a better shot of that damn golf course…I may just go back and get a “do-over”…just because. ;-)


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