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When I wrote the latest KOTW topic, Temperature Play, I didn’t think I’d have anything to contribute to it. I’m okay with that, I didn’t have anything interesting to say about tickling, either, so I didn’t post anything about it. Unlike tickling though, which I have an aversion to, I don’t even have that strong a reaction to temperature play.  It’s more, “meh.”  It just doesn’t do anything for me. I could have written about my dislike of tickling – it’s harder to write about something for which I feel nothing, either positive or negative, and haven’t even experienced much.

The thing is, I don’t do cold. Of any sort. I like to be outside when it’s crisp, if it’s for a manageable length of time and if I am dressed warmly enough; I even like to walk in the snow (with same parameters.) But I don’t like to be cold, and if I get cold during sex or kink play, it’s all over. I can’t get into it at all, it chases away any good place that I might have been in, and it can even piss me off, especially if some “dominant” thinks it’s funny to make that part of the scene.

No. Just NO. Being cold is not scene play (for me), and I won’t just suck it up and “submit.” As W says, “temperature of the room is always set to ‘naked girl temperature’.” Thank god for that.  For him and me, otherwise I wouldn’t be naked very often there. And sex and kink are hard to do without naked – or at least semi-naked – people.

Ice cubes and cold toys are sort of included in that, although they are more of an irritant than a scene-killer.

Then this afternoon happened.

We’d napped, and when we woke, I asked if we could play with my njoy Eleven and Baldy, my hitachi. “Sure,” W said. “Eleven is on your dresser.”

Have you met an njoy Eleven yet? I knew it was big. I’d read lots of reports about it. But I didn’t really know how long, thick and heavy it was until I held it in my hand.

It was funny, when W bought it for me. We were in Chicago and we happened to step into a sex shop. I was looking for a lacy bra.  What we found was this:


And, of course, this:


But although I was thrilled by its size and weight, and, having had experience with my njoy buttplugs, loved the idea of the stainless steel, it was W whose eyes lit up when he held it in his hand. He’s not much of a dildo person, nor even any “normal” sex toys (he’s very into perverting objects, especially nasty, grungy, wrong objects into insertables, but the ones I might enjoy? Not so much.) But the Eleven…hell it isn’t normal. It’s a heavy steel fucking tool that W was imagining fucking me with, I could see it in his face, right there in the store. And he didn’t mind whispering that in my ear as we waited for the shopgirl to ring it up.

Made me a bit wet.

Still, we haven’t played with it much yet, due to September being so fucked up, and me not being over at his house much this October. In fact, we haven’t played with it since the weather turned cool.

Though this may seem contrary to what I said above, I like to sleep in a cool room (under a pile of blankets and quilts.) So W doesn’t usually turn his upstairs (where the bedroom is) heat on right away, and it’s pleasantly crisp up there during fall.

Crisp enough to make a heavy metal object quite cold to the touch.  I’m not sure about how all the science or physics or geometry of heat conduction works, but being a solid metal object, it seemed to hold a lot of the cold in it.

I wasn’t so sure about having that things shoved up my cooch all of sudden.

But okay, okay: here was my opportunity to experience something I’d never been into: temperature play! I had heard so many people at EroticonUSA say that the Kink of the Week meme has allowed them to learn about and explore new things they’d never thought of before (and how lovely it was to hear) and now it was doing the same thing for me.

So I gritted my teeth and vowed to “take one for the team,” so-to-speak. And it was…fun. Interesting. Weird. LOL The cold against my lips was startling…and as it slid inside, the coolness mixed with the slippery lube made it feel like swimming in cool water and having the water rush inside me. It also seems to make my cuntrings cool, which was kind of fun.

But really…? All that was pushed right out of my head as I started to get excited (and maybe it started to warm up.) By the time I came (hard, gasping, W straddling my legs and fucking me with it with short hard thrusts that excited me as much mentally as physically) I wasn’t thinking about how hot or cold it was. All I was thinking about was W fucking me with this incredibly thick, long, hard, heavy (ridged, since he used that side) steel cock.  It was only later, when he slid it out and I grasped it again, that I thought about temperature play again – because it was hot.

Apparently metal hold heat as well as cold. ;-)



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  1. Molly

    As we discussed at Eroticon we share a strong dislike of the cold. It makes me grumpy too which is certainly not something that makes me feel sexy.

    I love my glass didlo’s for much the same reason you talked about here. It holds both the cold and the warm. I love feeling the warmth of the glass on my skin afterwards…. my heat absorbed by this beautiful material.


  2. ancilla ksst

    I missed this KOTW, but we actually do a lot of temperature play. This is mainly led by Mystique, our lover, because she has a passion for fireplay that tops all her other loved forms of play. If you run into her at events it will often be her set up and setting one person after another on fire, with a big ol wicked grin. So of course she has done fire with me many times. The fire cupping is relaxing and enjoyable. The fire mousse is fun and a bit exciting, not painful, but actually more fun to watch someone else being done.

    Then there was the flaming cooter of death/fun where she puts flash cotton between my legs and lights it. It is hot and painful for less than a second, but the biggest element there is the fear and the force. Master had to hold me down and threaten me the first time, to get me to open my legs, and then at other times has also held me either physically or with commands. Either way, the element of being forced to do something I don’t really want and am scared of is is the best part of the whole thing. It makes my pussy absolutely soaked. I wouldn’t trade away those experiences for anything, even though during them I’m usually trying to get out of it. The fact that they won’t let me, that is HOT.

    As far as cold, she also made some ice dildos. World’s cheapest sex toy: Put a condom in a paper towel tube, fill it with water, then put it in the freezer. That son of a bitch HURTS going in. I moan, cry, complain, but it also turns me on ridiculously much. I came absurdly hard. Master finds the sensation of fucking me right after, with the slight coldness still there, very interesting too. That warms me up quick, so the then he alternates back to the ice, and then back to his cock.

    1. Jade Post author

      I recall that Mystique is a big fireplay person. I don’t know if you were there when we were talking about it, but fire play is, while no longer a “limit”, at least a VERY VERY big edge for me. I’m working my way towards experimenting with bits and pieces of it, though, mainly firecupping ATM.

      I’ll be doing fireplay as a KOTW – would you be interested (as one who clearly loves it!) in writing the intro for it, as Marie did for this week’s KOTW?


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