New York, New York!


Did someone say New York?

Oh yes, that was probably me. Or maybe I didn’t mention that I am currently, as you are reading this, visiting New York City again.

Again! Me, the little rural mouse who never wanted to go to the “Big City.” (Any big city. Hell, Sacramento, CA, population 475,000 or thereabouts, was pretty intimidating at first.) But…here I am, on my third trip to the Big Apple, and all due to W.

(Say, how did New York City get dubbed the Big Apple? According to’s Go NY page (and several other sources):

In the early 1920s, “apple” was used in reference to the many racing courses in and around New York City. Apple referred to the prizes being awarded for the races — as these were important races, the rewards were substantial.


Based on the research of Barry Popik, the use of “Big Apple” to refer to New York City became clearer. Popik found that a writer for the New York Morning Telegraph, John Fitzgerald, referred to New York City’s races “Around the Big Apple.” It is rumored that Fitzgerald got the term from jockeys and trainers in New Orleans who aspired to race on New York City tracks, referring to the “Big Apple.”


In the late 1920s and early 1930s, New York City’s jazz musicians began referring to New York City as the “Big Apple.” An old saying in show business was “There are many apples on the tree, but only one Big Apple.” New York City being the premier place to perform was referred to as the Big Apple.

So there you have it, your bit of trivia for the day.)

Anyway…here I am! This trip is quite a different one from my first one, though. Remember that? I posted a lot on our Christmas trip two years ago.  (See The Eighth Day of Christmas if you’re curious.) This time, however, we are going back to visit W’s family. I was quite surprised, and terribly pleased & flattered, when he invited me. (Okay, so I was shocked, but we’ll leave it at “surprised.”) Given that it is family time, we probably won’t be getting up to any shenanigans like we usually do. (Shh, don’t tell anyone that I have a wee bit of rope in my bag. You know, “just in case.”) But that’s okay…we can be vanilla, when the occasion demands it.

We were last time. Check us out being 100% totally vanilla!

Eh…okay, mostly vanilla. I confess, I confess–! I bullied W into letting me get my non-vanilla, slightly-kinky, Boobies & Bondage self on once while we were there.  Unfortunately (for this blog) I have no ulterior plans regarding getting naked OR tied up while I’m there this time. But that doesn’t mean we can’t meander down Memory Lane, does it?  There’s been other memorable trips where I managed to flash a bit…

<looking through my photos>

Aha! How about this? Since I just posted our Rope on the Run August Calendar pics, I’ll confess to a bit more naughtiness than just a bit of rope in the outdoors. How about a lot of rope?

There was rope inside…

There was rope around wrists.

…around wrists.

And rope around a neck.

And rope around a neck.

There was rope tying fists to cocks.

There was rope tying fists to cocks.

(A click-thru for a special friend – you know who you are!)

And even one leading a cock astray!

And even one leading a cock astray!

And then there was rope outdoors…

In the woods…

In the trees.




I’m thinking this counts as another Scavenger Hunt: Tree!

This is bringing me closer to thirty Scavenger Hunts – I think I am just one away!


Now go on over and see who else is being Sinful today!



  1. Bunny

    I really love the outdoor pics a lot and that tattoo on your shoulder is gorgeous! I adore NYC. It’s been 2 months since my last run up there and I miss it already.

  2. John

    I love the woodland pictures; wifey and I went into the woods a couple of months ago for sinful sunday picture gathering, and managed to get spotted by a dog walker. That was “interesting” as I was tied to the tree at the same time!

  3. Heaven

    This is awesome and looks like you had a bunch of fun. I miss trips too New York I am actually from Massachusetts not that far from there we used to go there all the time.

  4. Jade Post author

    @Silverdrop And I, yours! Thank you for visiting. :-)
    @Bunny I just got back and I miss it already.
    @ThatPosition Yeah it was fun getting tied up to them, and even more fun that it was all my idea! :-D
    @CurvaceousDee Woot! One more…I think I have one more around here somewhere… ;-)
    @Beck @Krystina Thank you! I love playing with rope too, obviously. ;-)
    @Kazi God, LOVE me some neck rope. But I know it’s not for everyone. :-)


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