Week in Review – October 7


What can I say about this week? It was a quiet one (except for one explosive argument with my son), which wasn’t a bad thing (the quiet week, not the argument.  The argument was pretty bad and still hasn’t been resolved properly.) I needed some downtime after New York City, though, and the weekend was blessedly kid- and stress-free, which was even more badly needed, after this mishmash of feelings and anxieties. I missed spending time with W, who was ill, and I am starting to really miss kink, but maybe a kink-free week and spending quiet time with Ad was necessary to re-establish our connection.  I know it was good for me, and I think maybe Ad, too.

We got back into town from NYC late Monday. VERY late, as it turned out, because our plane was delayed 4 hours. The next morning, though I wanted to stay home and work from home, I knew my boss would be in the office and wanted to see her.  She’s been out for 4 months on maternity leave and I had a present for her from NYC to welcome her back to work. Also, I like her, and was looking forward to seeing her.

She wasn’t at the office – I’d forgotten Tuesday she works from home (and so does practically everyone else in the office.) Haha, joke’s on me! Oh well, I got to water my plants, get myself organized, and try to focus on work. In spite of saying I couldn’t concentrate in my NYC post though, I actually managed to, and got a lot of work done, both then and throughout the week.

One benefit of having no kink life is that I tend to focus on work a lot more. LOL

I still hadn’t gotten my writing mojo back, though, so although I could have spent all week writing, since I wasn’t doing (which usually interferes with writing), I didn’t so much. I spent lots of time just…vegging, with Ad, on the couch, watching TV or reading, snuggling. I didn’t even let myself feel guilty for not being productive, and I thoroughly enjoyed watching that show about Sherlock Holmes, NCIS, and Big Bang Theory marathons.  I did spend a day hanging out with the daughter, too, which was super nice.

This is Kitty, the feral cat that she rescued. Kitty follows her over to my house whenever she comes over, and hangs out and waits for her outside the door until she leaves to go home.

It was good catching up with her. Since she lives in the next building over, I get to see her several times a week, at least for coffee on Tuesdays or Thursdays, and usually at least once during the week for dinner or to hang out, as she did a couple weeks ago when W came over and we all played the Train Game (aka Ticket to Ride.)

Missy being silly. I believe this is her "Must. Not. Laugh.There's a dead person over there!" look.

Missy being silly. I believe this is her “Must. Not. Laugh.There’s a dead person over there!” look.

Also, "No, Mama, no! You can't say that around your poor, innocent daughter!"

Also, “No, Mama, no! You can’t say that around your poor, innocent daughter!”

And finally, passed out. Cuz, you know, it's hard making all those silly faces.

And finally, passed out. Cuz, you know, it’s hard making all those silly faces.

Anyway…aside from her penchant for watching TV shows that make me cry, I quite enjoy our time together, and I am just realizing now how much I am going to miss her when she gets her new place.

Ad and I went to a movie this weekend, Enough Said, that had that as a theme. It was bittersweet watching James Gandolfini in that role. He really was a terribly good actor, and I liked the quiet assurance and confidence of his character, even while he admitted to being flawed and just bumbling through life, as we all are. It was a sweet, if not life-changing, film, and the sense of loss that both characters felt as they watched their children grow up and start out on lives of their own hit close to home.

That was actually a really good day, the day that we went to the movie. That was Friday, and I had had a long morning at work, but then my boss said “let’s knock off early,” and I went and got a massage and went to yoga, both things that are as good for my spirit as they are for my body. After yoga Ad and I went to dinner and the movie, and had a really pleasant evening together. It started out the weekend on a strong note and the next morning we woke together and made love, something we haven’t done in awhile. Then I talked him into walking up to the mall for coffee and some shopping I wanted to do for the conference next weekend. That’s a 3.5 mile walk one way. And 3 hours of shopping in between going there and coming home. He really must love me to agree! LOL But it was a lot of fun for us both, I think, and we talked an awful lot, which was good for us (or at least for me.)

That night is when my writing mojo came back, with a vengeance. I even wrote all night long, in my dreams (it was a little bit exhausting, but I’d rather do that than be wordless.) And the next morning we had sex (again!) and then we met W for brunch, which turned into a walk in the park with a giant cupcake and an accidental Scavenger Hunt and hunting down the largest chess piece in the world.


No really, it is actually the largest chess piece in the world, as certified by Guinness Book of World Records. And right here in St. Louis! It’s as tall as a giraffe! (Random silly fact about me: giraffes are one of my favorite animals.)


And then beer and pretzels for dinner at a sidewalk cafe and feeling the warm fall afternoon slide into a cool fall evening, and planning a train ride weekend after next, and just general good company. All around a perfect end to what was a pretty good week.

I’m feeling good again. :-)

How was your week?



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