Whipped and Fucked


This is how it started. Right here in this very bed, Sunday AM:

tweetThis is how it ended.

There was lots in between.

For instance, there was me saying, “Two hard cocks, one wet pussy, and no fucking or sucking going on. There’s something wrong with this picture!”

And then, “Seriously, Guys, how hard can it be to whip me and fuck me at the same time? There are two of you…”

<Isn’t there a saying about leading a horse to water?>

There was also this, from W, “I can fuck and whack at the same time.” And then, much later, to Ad, “You’re up.” And later still, “Keep it up! Keep doing her – keep hitting her!”

And there was a lot of moaning, and thrusting, and whimpering, and twitching and sighing and groaning.

But first, back to that, ‘you can lead a horse to water’ thing…

Kinda how I felt. “Okay Guys, here I am, naked. There you are, naked. Oh, and you’re hard and I’m WET. And…there’s no one here to hear us. Oh, and we have a birthday gift to give. And the implement to give it with.”

<looking back and forth between them>

Suddenly I see the light bulbs go off in both their brains.

W pulls me back against him and pushes his cock between my thighs from behind. “Get the whackie-tool,” he says to Ad.  (Yes, that is Dom-speak for the current Implement of Destruction.) He pushes his cock into me, meeting little resistance from the rings or my body, as I have been WET since I felt W’s hardness poking me from behind twenty minutes earlier and had wrapped my hand around Ad’s hardness a moment ago.

Ad disentangles himself and goes to retrieve the Misery Stick I have gifted W with from my Atlanta trip.

I decide later that perhaps it was actually a gift for me.  Yes, I like it that much.  Also, it seems to have an amazing effect on the Guys. An effect I’d like to recreate some time. Some time soon.

God, I’m WET. W is whipping me with the misery stick and counting out the strokes as he does, fucking into me after each one.

Slash! Down it comes on my hip.

Zing! It lands on my thigh.

Whack! On my hip again, then on my arm, on my back, on my side. Calves too, and even, occasionally, on my ass. Each strike a pinpoint of fiery pain that flashes through me, making me flinch and gasp in reaction even as it makes me SO. FUCKING. WET.  And then, just as the fire begins to cool, the deeper pain blooms, from inside somewhere, a bone-deep, aching throb that makes me moan.

I feel W getting harder inside of me with each strike.

This is not something that happens often. Although inflicting pain on me makes him hard, it is more an “anticipatory” hardness, a swelling and a thickness but not a “fucking” hardness. He has to focus on things other than fucking while he’s hurting me.

This is different. Slash-thrust-slash (sometimes slash-thrust-thrust-thrust-slash, as though he can’t help himself), getting harder with every strike until I wonder if he might actually come inside me while he does it, an unprecedented occurrence.

Meanwhile, up at the “head” of things, Ad’s cock is in my mouth. I have to concentrate to keep myself from biting down when W slashes me especially hard, said concentration ensuring that I won’t have an orgasm, not even as excited as I am, not even if Ad and/or W do. And it’s not such a stretch to think that Ad might.  He is hard and excited as well, having me suck him off while W slashes and fucks me.

I wrote once about the first time I made Ad come. It was very similar to this scenario, though I was being spanked, not hit with a whip, while I sucked his cock. We’ve tried that a time or two with W, and while it excites Ad, it’s a little more problematic because W is more…aggressive…than my Ex was, and doesn’t allow me to get into the solid slap-suck-slap rhythm that is essential for Ad to achieve an orgasm. But this, with the misery stick, it also seems to be doing things for Ad. Maybe because the impact of the misery stick, while intense for me, doesn’t disrupt the rhythm of my mouth too much.

I began to think I might get Ad off too, and before we were done with the required 53 slashes!

But then W stops. A moment later I realize that he has stopped at 26.

He pulls out. “Your turn,” he tells Ad, and hands him the misery stick.

I reposition myself, presenting my ass to Ad this time and taking W’s cock – WET and slick with my juices – into my mouth. And while Ad fucks me from behind, whipping the next 27 slashes into my back and ass, W holds my head down on his cock with a hand in my hair, alternatively choking me and letting me breathe and gasp for air. Again, he is so hard I think he might come, and as with Ad, I struggle not to bite down, but I am so excited that even that small bit of mindfulness leaves me as Ad’s thrusts get deeper and harder and I hear his breath coming shorter and finally, I am not even aware of the slash of the misery stick burning into my flesh – all I know is that I want to come, I have to come, and I put my hand down between my legs.

At some point Ad announces “53!” and tosses the whip on the bed, grabs my hips and starts to pound into me. Each of the Guys has their own rhythm, their own way of making me come, and I respond to Ad’s instinctively. My hand between my legs is soaked with the wetness running like a river between them, making my swollen clit slippery, just the way I like it.

I have to tear my mouth from W’s cock when I come, the sounds in my throat desperate to come out, even though W’s hand holds tight and pulls my hair so hard it feels like he will pull it off my head like a wig.

Ad moans loudly and thrusts a final time, emptying his balls into me, crying out as he does. W’s cock is so hard it hurts against my cheek. We rest there for a moment, everyone panting, as I feel Ad beginning to soften and slip from my body.

But no – I am not done.

I must have W’s cock inside me. This is one of my deepest fantasies, being fucked by one man after another has come inside me. It is all about the semen on my rings, the wetness of another man’s slime (as W calls it) between my thighs, feeling the next cock pushing into my wetness and thrusting until he leaves his mark on me – in me – too.

I must have it.

I admit to possibly being a little out of my head at that moment.

I push W back and roll so that I am laying on top of him. “I have to fuck you,” I say. “I want you inside of me.” And I straddle him without waiting for a reply, sucking him into my body, quivering as I feel the head of his cock against my rings, my rings so WET with Ad’s issuance, with my own juices. And that’s when I hear W tell Ad, “Do her. Whip her! Keep it up…” And my answering moan, “Yes, yes, yes…”

And he does. He whips me with the misery stick, and I pump and slide up and down on W’s cock, nearly mindless with greed and pain and pleasure and need.

The whip slashes. W grips my wrists as I flinch, thrusts up inside of me. I feel his cock swelling. I hear Ad laughing behind me. I feel the burn and then I feel W bucking helplessly beneath me as his orgasm rolls through him and over him. I feel him exploding inside of me, adding his wetness to the rest.

And later, after Ad has gotten up to wash, I put my lips next to W’s now-soft cock. “May I?” He nods, and I take him in my mouth, tasting his, and my, and Ad’s wetness.

(This wasn’t written for the prompt, but then after I wrote it I realized that it did, actually, fit the prompt perfectly!)

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  1. Silverdrop

    I can remember, years ago, when SH first used the canes on me, watching his cock get harder and harder as he did it. It was then I began to understand sadism. :)

    1. Jade Post author

      For the longest time W was hesitant about caning me. Then when he did, it made him SO hard…and still does. It’s one thing guaranteed to make him so, even in the middle of an intense pain scene. I love it.

  2. Molly

    Two cocks, a wet pussy and a misery stick…. the perfect combination! Sounds like you got more Misery stick than you were promised, but I am not sure that is a bad thing ;)


    1. Jade Post author

      I got mine from @DomSigns. Apparently he buys them from someplace here in the US, then takes them home to the UK. I’d ask him where he gets them…


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