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October means Halloween, everyone knows that!  But Halloween is so late in the month, and I wasn’t sure how to pull off what I had in mind without, you know, getting arrested, and I didn’t want to lose the opportunity that some absolutely gorgeous fall weather afforded us, so we decided to take a day trip instead, and catch some fall/Oktoberfest Rope on the Runs.

In case you don’t know what Oktoberfest is, check it out here: Oktoberfest.

Awesome, right? Days and days of beer, brats, sauerkraut and polka music, oh my!

Oh and those lovely little outfits:

Oktoberfest Lederhosen

(Photo via a Creative Commons License)

No, we didn’t actually see any lederhosen. Nor wear any. Though damn, wouldn’t the Guys have looked hot in that?? But okay, okay, I did my duty, and did my best to make up for the lack of suspenders.

I'm looking kinda German, aren't I?

Do I look like I’m hiding something?

Yeah, I may not have suspenders, but I have something BETTER. Pink rope!

Yeah, I may not have suspenders, but I have something BETTER. Pink rope!

AFTER a stop by Target.

And we’re off to Hermann, MO – AFTER a stop at Target. I felt very brave walking around the store with my pink rope showing.

On the way down to Hermann, Missouri, a little wine town that was our destination, I saw something else that October reminds me of: plowed fields. The end of the harvest.

pink rope

A hint of pink, a lot of field.

A funny thing happened on the way to The Forum…

No wait, that’s a different story.  On the way to getting this snap. It was on a lonely stretch of country road in between St. Louis and Hermann. Nothing but farms and fields, the occasional copse of trees, an even more occasional car or truck on the road. I saw the field.

“I have to get a picture!” I said. “Pull over at that dirt road!” Uncharacteristically, W did. (I know, hard to believe W doesn’t jump to obey my every command.)

At the dirt road, there was a mailbox, and a lonely farmhouse, and a barn way up at the end of the road, at least a quarter of a mile away. A perfect place for a Rope on the Run, right? An isolated road…we could see for miles both ways up and down the highway…maybe we could even pull off a Scavenger Hunt, right there in the open!

We hopped out just as a truck came into view on the highway. I dashed across the road to the field side and waited for it to pass, already planning a Scavenger Hunt as well as showing off the rope by pulling down the sleeves on my dress.

The truck slowed, and slowed–

And stopped right by our vehicle. Then turned onto the dirt road. No way! The one dirt road we stop at is the one that this guy lives on!

W took some snaps, though I was conscious of the man in the truck driving slowly up the dirt road. Just a couple tourists taking fall pictures, I think, nothing to see here. Move along (so I can show off rope and boobies!) He pulls up onto the driveway a short distance–

And stopped. Watching us.


So, no flashing, and only a bit of rope. But still, a “Fall Field” Rope on the Run.

Then it was on to the wineries!

I know, it was Oktoberfest, it’s supposed to be about beer, right? Well, it was, but Hermann is a winery town, so they make a hybrid out of it: wine, beer, brats and polka!

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I was pretty proud of myself that day. I was nervous about how visible the neon pink rope was, and told the Guys that I wasn’t sure how long I’d wear the rope bra that day – maybe just enough to qualify for Rope on the Run pics. But within twenty minutes I had taken off my scarf and jacket and was letting my inner pink shine, no thoughts of taking off the rope bra.

Of course the bottle of wine we drank in twenty minutes at the first winery might have had something to do with it.

Our next stop - a beer garden. I'm beginning to show my happy.

Our next stop – a beer garden. I’m beginning to feel my happy.

Ad's beginning to feel his happy too.

Ad’s beginning to feel his happy too.

Oh yeah, we're both feeling our happy now. :-)

Oh yeah, we’re both feeling our happy now. :-)  Also, check out that pink!

And then…it was on for a walkabout around Hermann by the Three Muskateers…

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There were some…additional adventures (maybe a Scavenger Hunt?) but that will have to wait for another post. ;-) I’ll just leave you with a last few images of a very happy, very tipsy, Jade at the end of a long day of wineries, beer gardens, Rope on the Runs and Scavenger Hunting with her two favorite Guys…

Jush one more beer??

Jush one more beer??

I'll show you my pretties...

I’ll show you my pretties…


No? well okay then, jush let me shleeeeep...

No? well okay then, jush let me shleeeeep…




  1. Elise Lansing

    Lederhosen! Wow, what a perfect outing … I LOVE the pink rope showing, your whole outfit is great. If I’d seen you I would have tried to give you the ‘secret handshake’ look or something. Sort of an offline “ISWYDT” thing, maybe. Very cool.

    1. Jade Post author

      I was in a grocery store once with the lock and chain I sometimes wear around my neck. Not an OBVIOUS symbol, but…for those who know what it is… Apparently a woman next to me in the produce aisle did. She looked over at me, looked at my chain very obviously, touched her neck and actually *winked* at me. And that was it.


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