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There are a lot of awards out there for and by bloggers, many of which are passed on to other bloggers by those nominated (ie “I nominated you as the Cheekiest Blogger, post this and nominate 15 other bloggers!”) While these nominations/awards are cool (everyone loves to be recognized by their peers), and can lead readers to finding some new blogs, I don’t often participate in them because…well, to be honest I just don’t have time to play for the most part.

There are a few blogging awards that come around that I think are particularly worthwhile, mainly because there is a broad nomination and judging process by either the creator of the list or by a panel, and it is on those lists that I, personally, tend to find new blogs to follow. You can see those blog awards listed over in the sidebar.

In her post on this topic, I am a Sex Blogging Superhero, Molly, who created her own “best of the year” award, Twenty of 2012, explains quite eloquently why blogging awards are important:

I have long been of the opinion that  the Sex Blogging community is a pool of talented, creative and inspiring individuals but one that is often overlooked. So all recognition of the work that we do as a community and as individuals is really a wonderful thing. Sadly ‘main stream’ media and sites ignore this community, we are unmentionables and yet between us all we publish unique, well written,  researched, knowledgeable content but because our genre is sex in some form or other, we are ‘the great untouchables’ when it comes to recognition. Anything that supports, develops, encourages and recognizes this is a wonderful thing and one of the reasons I started my own version Molly’s 20 of 2012 last year and will be publishing a 2013 version very soon; because if we, as a community of like-minded people, don’t sing our praises and share the love it is fairly clear that no one else is going to do it.

I agree with her.

This is precisely the reason that created their own Top 100 Blogging Superheroes. As they say in their post Nominate a Sex Blogging Superhero,

Back in August, we sent out a call to our readers and friends to nominate us for Forbes’ 100 Best Websites for Women contest. After all, we are a website, and a whole lot of our readers are of the female variety. Many of you wrote back to say you voted for us (thank you! thank you! thank you!)


Now, we weren’t expecting to win on our first try, but we also weren’t expecting to be stripped right out of the nominations. In short, although many of you reported that you’d voted for us, your lovely messages never appeared in the comments on Forbes’ site. Why? Well, we don’t know for sure, but we have a strong feeling it has something to do with our content. And the fact that an article about anal sex just happened to be the star of the show on the home page that day.


Whatever it was that made us a non-contender, the fact is that sex – even grown-up, porn-free discussions about it – just aren’t welcome everywhere. Sometimes it seems like they aren’t welcome anywhere. In June, Google threatened to delete “adult blogs” on Blogger if they were found to “be displaying advertisement to adult websites.” Then, barely a month later, Tumblr announced that it would wipe out its infamous porn blogs. (It has since settled for hiding them from search engines.)


That makes us sad, because all those sex educators, and sex toy reviewers, and kinky bloggers and erotica writers and even pornographers aren’t doing anything wrong. Talking about sex online is legal. So are sex toys, and erotic literature and, in most cases, porn. And while the Internet powers that be claim to be making the world a better place by making all these things less accessible, we’d argue that by hiding all these voices from view, they’re actually making it a little bit smaller, less informed and certainly less sex-positive.

Apparently, I was nominated by my fellow bloggers for this list (thank you all!) I saw the nominations going around in the beginning, and read their post about why they did it, and meant to get back there myself to nominate some of the bloggers that I read and who I think are doing some stellar stuff out here in our little sex blogging world. Unfortunately – as so often happens – time got away from me, and I forgot about it until I saw my name mentioned on Twitter, and got a very nice email from the creators of

I’m honored to have been nominated, and to have been named one of the Top 100. There are some amazing bloggers on this list who I admire greatly, and in whose company I am honored to be.

I also want to commend for creating this list – there needs to be more sex positivity in the world, not less, and it is a shame that chose to censor the nominations and leave off their list.

So, thank you (!!!) to my fellow bloggers that so graciously nominated my sexy, kinky, wordy little home on the web, thank you to for naming me one of your Top 100 Sex Bloggers of 2013, and big congratulations to all the other AMAZING bloggers on this list!

Infernos Best List



  1. Molly

    Thank you for the mention and the link. I truly believe that the sex blogging/writing community is hugely over looked when it comes to these types of things and so am delighted that Kinkly decided to create one.

    Oh and congratulations on your spot on the list. Yay for kinky, autobiographical sex bloggers!



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