A-Scavenger Hunting We Shall Go…


W and I are headed out to spend the weekend “cabin camping” with 5 or 6 other couples, in the same place that W, Ad & I went last year at this time, although last year, if you’ll recall, we stayed in our own cabin because we had my dog Cooper with us.

(If you aren’t familiar with all the fun we had last time, here are some posts to remind you: Two Spankings and an Accidental Orgasm, a Sinful Sunday Spank, & a Happy St. Pat’s Day.)

This year we have no neurotic dog, so we are staying in the main house, rather than our own place, and unfortunately, Ad isn’t with us due to family obligations.

We’ve got some fun and games planned though, never fear.

In any case, along with the hijinks of the posts I listed up there, we also managed to get some Scavenger Hunts at the river resort where the cabins are located. I know, I know, that was a YEAR ago. But I think ya’ll know me by now…I’m a bit slow sometimes! But never mind that…here we go in the several Scavenger Hunts that we got while were there!

First up: Observation Tower

I saw this out in a field in the middle of the resort, which is located on one of Missouri’s favorite floating rivers, with hundreds of acres of woods and fields all around. I wasn’t sure what it was there to observe or look-out for (fires, maybe?) and I couldn’t get inside to take a look. I wasn’t about to miss a chance for such an unusual Scavenger Hunt location, though, and proceeded to flash the guys, despite the 30 degree temps.

I thought I was naughty enough with my hoodie pulled back and my tank top pulled up, but W and Ad started hollering at me to "Show us the goods!" So I did, flashing my pretties at them and the world.

I thought I was naughty enough with my hoodie pulled back and my tank top pulled up, but W and Ad started hollering at me to “Show us the goods!” So after a quick look around (there were campsites in the woods)…

So I did, flashing my pretties at them and the world.

…I did, flashing my pretties at them and the world.

Then I decided what the heck, I was already cold, I might as well…

And did a strip tease.

Then I decided what the heck, and did a strip tease.

First goes the hoodie…


…then the tank top. “Take it all off!” Ad shouted.

Just as my tank top landed on the ground, though, and I was contemplating taking off the bottoms too, Ad heard a car coming down the road. Oops! I scrambled down and into my hoodie just in time to see a truck pull into view.

Next up: Gate

At the end of that same dirt road there was a gate separating it from the main road where all the other cabins and camp sites were. Yes, there were other campers and cabin-stayers on the property, but it was 10am on a freezing cold Saturday morning.

And hell, I was already half-undressed!

Telling Ad to stand look-out, W and I ran across the road and I stripped off the rest of my clothes, leaving them in a pile at the end of the gate.



Later that afternoon, back at the cabin again, we decided to do the pics for the March Calendar Game.

Now, those pics of me hanging over the edge of the wall could probably have counted as a new location: “Wall,” but since it was a new one, I wanted it to be extra special.  So this is what I did instead.

Location Three: Wall



What you can’t see in this pic is the large house just on the other side of the river. What would you think if you looked out your window to see a naked leprechaun perched atop your neighbor’s wall?

Last but not least, as we were leaving the next day I spied one last Scavenger Hunt location possibility: a Zipline! I hadn’t seen one listed on Dee’s Locations page, but it was too fun not to try.


Even if it was “Authorized Staff Only”!


That was quite a haul for one weekend’s Scavenger Hunting!

I wonder what’s up for THIS weekend…

Check out the rest of the Scavenger Hunters below!





  1. Drew

    I’ve figured it out….it’s your smile that melts me, (after shots of your butt, of course!) Thank you so much for sharing. I really enjoy following your posts. You’re the best!

  2. Drew

    I really enjoy your posts. You have a stunning smile, a great body, and you make me smile. Thank you for all you do for us!

  3. Curvaceous Dee

    Wow! You have knocked it out of the park – these are amazing! I love them all – I couldn’t pick a favourite if I tried, so it’s good I don’t have to :)

    Your zipline (called a ‘flying fox’ here in New Zealand) definitely counts, as do the rest, and I have finally updated the Scavenger Hunt pages – thank you for being patient with me!

    xx Dee

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