And what did YOU do over the weekend?


There weren’t quite as many opportunities for fun and games this year at our cabin retreat as last year – it was so cold we barely poked our noses outside. We did get some fun “Christmas Carol” pics though:


…some of which you will surely be seeing more of over the next few weeks. :-)

The weekend was fairly low-key, without much play (except the above and some other minor goofiness.) Not that W and I didn’t want to play! But…group dynamics are weird sometimes, and there just wasn’t a lot of “play” energy with this group this time. W did try to get things going by getting out the flatwhacker and whacking on me a bit, but nothing came of it, and eventually we left to go to our room and play on our own.

But yeah, I was disappointed. (Not in our in-room play, but in not getting to be at a play party, which was kind of what I had expected, and definitely what I had been looking forward to.) :-( I think W felt the same way, because when we got home on Sunday he promptly tied me up and beat on me awhile, finally pouring me onto the couch in a puddle of happy subbie-girl-goo.

But anyway…other things were good there. Friends and talk and laughter and getting to know people a bit better. So it was good in that regard, and as always, W and I enjoyed each other’s company enormously, and even managed to suffer through the miserable 20 degree temps and bitter, bitter wind to take a walk and get a Scavenger Hunt!

Yes, I will do anything for you guys out there in blogland, even bare my butt to the cold!


So there you have it, folks…my thirty-fourth Scavenger Hunt: Bus.

This end-of-week/weekend looks to be shaping up a little better. I have my dogsitting gig again, which has thus far seemed to work out well (okay I’ve only done it once, but I didn’t die from loneliness or boredom, didn’t lose any dogs or burn down the house, and actually kind of…liked… – gasp – being on my own.) Wednesday night will be busy – have to bake this yummy monkey bread for Thanksgiving at my Sis’s, as well as my famous orange cranberry bread, and I have to pack for multiple parties over the weekend since I will be getting ready from the house sit.

That’s right, I’m invited – and attending – more than ONE party this weekend!  Be still my heart, I’ve become a social butterfly.

Or maybe not, but whew! it seems like an awful lot of activity shoved into three days.

Maybe I can get a spanking or twelve in there somewhere? (Damn, now I am being greedy.)

So how was your weekend?



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