Calendar Game – November

It looks like bikini weather, doesn't it!

It’s hard to believe we’ve completed almost an entire calendar year of Rope on the Run!  We’ve had an awful lot of fun with them. I hope you’ve enjoyed our antics as well. ;-)

November, here in the States at least, means Thanksgiving, and Thanksgiving usually means sharing a huge meal with family and friends. I don’t cook often, but this holiday is one time I do enjoy planning and preparing a special dinner.  Usually I do Thanksgiving and my sister does Christmas Eve or Day, depending on our schedules, but this year my sister is traveling at Christmas and, due to my new dog sitting gig, I wasn’t able to do the days-long cooking extravaganza that I usually do, so Sis suggested that we do Thanksgiving at her house.

So instead of making a big meal, I got to bring a big bottle of wine.  Rope seemed an appropriate accompaniment.


Yep, that’s one big bottle of wine.

Although the other pic showed the rope better, W thought a little cleavage would make the shot more interesting. I, of course, obliged him.

Although the other pic showed the rope better, W thought a little cleavage would make the shot more interesting.

I was a little disappointed in our Calendar Game offerings though, so when we went out to breakfast the next day, I asked W to rig me up in a rope bikini to wear under my clothes while we were out.

He happily obliged.


At home.

In the car...

In the car.

Outside the restaurant.

Outside the restaurant.

In the bathroom...

In the bathroom at the restaurant.

(Yeah I have no idea what that startled look on my face is about either.)

I really tried to get a pic of the rope bikini at our table, but apparently everybody in St. Louis had decided they also needed to  have breakfast that day at Rooster. Every time I tried to take a snap of the rope on the sly (understand that I had to undo my pants to do so), someone walked by or looked over, so I had to look innocent and like I was taking “normal” pics.

Aren’t we sweet and innocent looking? You know, not like the perverts we really are?? ;-)

But I wasn’t done yet. It was such an unprecedentedly gorgeous day for the end of November that we decided to take a walk.  You only have to look at how bundled up I was only the weekend before when I took the boxers for a walk to understand how much I appreciated the mild weather.

Me and The Girls.

Me and The Girls.

We ended up down on the banks of the Mississippi River, playing by the barges and tugboats.

A big-ass chain.

A big-ass chain. But I guess it needs to be big, since it’s holding those boats back from floating down the river.

It looks like bikini weather, doesn't it!

It looks like bikini weather, doesn’t it!

And scavenging weather.

And scavenging weather.

Scavenger Hunt Barge

Oh, did I mention Scavenging??

(I didn’t see “barge” as a Scavenger Hunt location, but I think it should be, don’t you?)

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  1. Curvaceous Dee

    I had to think about it (although I loved the photos) and eventually decided that yes, Barge/Tugboat deserves a category of its own, as it’s sufficiently different from Boat/Ship/Ferry. Mostly as people have thus far been on the latter, and I think it’ll be hard to do so for the Barges and Tugs.

    Great Scavenge!

    xx Dee

    1. Jade Post author

      Thanks, Dee! I went through the same thought process, and was hoping you’d come up with the same conclusion! :-D


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