Red Boob Day – Oops!


You would think (wouldn’t you?) that since I run a weekly meme, I would know to read the instructions to participate in someone’s else’s meme. Right?

Apparently not. :-(

I followed a couple other bloggers (the newly-discovered Filled and Fooled in particular) over to A Dissolute Life Means, wherein Hyacinth hosts “Boob Day” every Friday. Now, I probably won’t be posting every Friday, but I saw that this week’s theme is “Red” and, having just worn some adorable red outfits for our Kinky Christmas shoots, I thought, what the heck, I gotta have some red boobage in there! So I started looking through photo files.

And I looked and looked and then at some point in the process I thought, hmm, maybe I should check to see what the rules are. Do they have to be naked? Only boobs? Close-ups? What are the rules?  Over I went to the official “Boob Day Guidelines” page.

Whereupon I discovered the following:

I suck.

Okay, okay, it’s not all that bad. I just missed reading the part about there being a deadline to submit pictures.

~rolling eyes~

Amateur move, Jade.

Anyway…what followed was tears, recriminations, exhortations to the gods that be–

Oh, um no. That’s what happened after I tried to fit into my favorite jeans the other day.  What followed this was me going, “Well, shit!”

…and then deciding to post about it anyway. Mostly because while searching thru my picture files I found a really cute set that I want to share. Nope, not Christmas pics (so I’m kind of glad I didn’t submit one, because although they fit the “red” theme, the others are actually Christmasy too, so it would have been like, “One of these things is not like the others…” Regardless of my failings, though, there is much red, holidayish sexiness over there, so be sure to click the icon at the bottom of this page to check them out.)


These are the pics I ran across. They tell a funny little story that I think you may enjoy, and that are particularly timely, as they feature W’s upstairs bathroom in its “before” state. Just for comparison when you see the later pics, here’s what the bathroom looks like NOW:



And now, on to “Red Boob Day”!

I chose this one because of my red hair and lips.

I chose this one because of my red hair and lips. You almost don’t notice my lil pink nipples. ;-)

So what the heck was going on here with all that rope, and that leather and metal bra and shit??  Let me fill you in…

These are all from an afternoon while I was just hanging out at W’s. You know, sit still for twenty minutes and this is what happens. Rope. Metal bras. High heels. Locks.

Oh, and later, my Njoy 2.0.

W wanted to try a tie on me to use at parties (though I don’t think he’s ever actually done it, now that I think about it.) It was fun fooling around though.

Until I had to go pee.

“Untie me?” I asked.

“Nope,” he said.


"No, no, don't help..."

No, no, don’t help…

No really! I can manage.

I got this. Really.

I got this. Really.

No really, I got it!

Ha! See? I got my Big-Girl

See? I got my Big-Girl panties…er…off.

Ummm, hmm...there appears to be an issue...

Ummm, hmm…there appears to be another problem…

(Editor’s note: In case you don’t know, that’s where the TOILET PAPER dispenser lives. It’s so much more funny if you know that.)

No, no, don't help. I got this. Really.

No, no, don’t help. I got this. Really.


Huh. There's yet *another* problem...

Huh. There’s yet *another* problem…

what, help? No!! Don't worry about me. I don't need no help. I got this!

What, help? No!! Don’t worry about me. I don’t need no help. I told you, I got this!

And here's what W did when the panties came off... Tied 2.0 IN.

And here’s what W did when the panties came off… Tied 2.0 IN.

Ruh-Roh, *another* problem!

Um…sort of. Oops!


As promised, here’s the link to Boob Day! Check it out and have fun!


    1. Jade Post author

      That was one reason I chose this set – I had forgotten about them until I was paging through pics looking for “red.” They made me laugh all over again. :-)

  1. Hyacinth

    lol Well, as I said on Twitter there’s always next week (and the week after next and the week after next). And now I also have themes going on — you got an suggestions? I’ve already run out of ideas and am selfishly relying on others’ creativity :)

    Also, good work managing to pee! haha That looked next to impossible!

    1. Jade Post author

      Well as I always say, “Where there’s a will…”

      And of course there is my inability to leave a challenge on the table (which was exactly what W was doing by *not* untying me when I had to pee.) lol

      I’ll have to think on a theme…will get back to you! :-)

  2. G

    Hi Jade,
    Thank you for the mention about my blog here. I really enjoyed the collection of photos in this post, you look like you are having fun with it (at least the peeing, great job by the way). I took a little time to explore some other posts but will keep reading back as I can. You’ve got my interest piqued in a few new things, so thank you!


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