…I have so much to say, so many thoughts going around in my head, so many things to talk about–

–that it all becomes TOO MUCH and I can’t untangle it all, can’t make sense of it all, it’s just too much. I retreat into my head or into WoW, or into Tumblr or Fetlifing or other mindlessness because I can’t make myself just sit still long enough to pull the individuals threads of thought out one by one and write them down.

And time goes by…

And more time…

And still more.

And then it’s too late. And I have said nothing, written nothing.

This happens in my fiction writing as well as here, so I should just accept that that’s part of the process – part of the process of being me – and leave it alone. Stop chastising myself, stop berating myself.

Just be.

Ha, even all this – the whining beginning to this post – is not writing. See how clever I am? It looks like I’m writing…

Okay fuck it. Here’s me really writing about what’s going on with my life, where I’ve been and what I’m doing.

When last I was trying to update, I had started with this:

News & Notes/Week in Review

(Ed. note: I really should try to be consistent with my naming convention on these posts – as a marketing person it really grates against my need for “branding” consistency to call these posts “News & Notes” vs “Week in Review,” but…awww…what the hell. Two double vodkas for dinner and what do I care??)

So where the hell were we? Let’s see, when last I updated, in Jade 6.0, I was just starting on a new journey toward financial security and self-sufficiency, embarking on a new business opportunity and working on achieving my goals. Now, a couple weeks later, I am pleased to say I am continuing that trend.

Of course I am falling way behind on my diet and exercise goals, but I can take being a fat, lazy Jade as long as I’m accomplishing other things, right?

Er, maybe not. So okay, I need to get back on the Eat Healthy/Move My Lazy Ass program too. :-/

There’s lots of stuff happening in the Vanilla Side of my life here in the next few weeks and months:

  • I just finished the edits on another story that was accepted, so that should be coming out in print soon, and I got another one accepted.
  • I closed out the year with my writing goals accomplished (made my monthly submission goal for November & December.) Oh, and contrary to what I had thought, I did submit a story in October. I’d forgotten to record a story I had submitted. I’m feeling really good about my writing this year, both in having made my writing goals and in my accomplishments. Now I need to get next year’s calendar in place…
  • I got a new dog/housesitting client who has already started booking me into next year, and am actively pursuing more clients, including long-term housesitting assignments, both in the US and elsewhere. (Ed. note: since I wrote this I had an amazing house & petsitting opportunity come my way for a month in Feb/Mar that I accepted – I’m very excited! I’ll tell more about that later.)
  • I have lots and lots of travel and housesitting coming up. The new housesitting job I mentioned (not the one in Feb/Mar) is local, so not technically travel, but travel-ish as I’ll be over at the house for the entire time when I am on assignment, and it’s actually out in Belleville, IL (about 30 miles away.) It’s still drivable, but I have a feeling I won’t see either of the Guys while I am there for more than a couple hours for dinner or something. Yeah, I’ll be practicing that “alone time” thing. It really will be a “trial” for when I sit houses farther away.
  • I also secured the new job situation at my “real” job. I’ll have fewer hours, but I’ll be working from home, which I’m going to love. And I get to keep my benefits and health insurance! It all makes the dog/house sitting opportunities viable and will be a life-changer in so many ways.

(Ed. Note: I started cleaning out my office yesterday. I hadn’t actually got that far in my thinking and planning yet, in fact I sort of thought my office would still be there, waiting for me, even though I would be working at home. Maybe the way a kid thinks his bedroom will always be there after he goes away to college? But…I’m not coming back to the office. My boss even told everyone that I won’t be in at all (she will be coming in once or twice a month) unless I want to come in for a holiday get-together or something. It was…weird and disconcerting to have someone else come into my office and ask me when I was moving out, because she’d been told she gets to move into my office. I know it shouldn’t be either weird or disconcerting! I know it’s illogical…but still. I’m having some small bit of…”But wait! This is my space!” I’m sure I’ll get over it.)

All that was about a week ago. Now here we are almost at Christmas, and I have even more stuff going on.

Last week I was supposed to have a big social week. A play party, a meet ‘n’ mingle swinger thing, another party, some play with the Guys, a pseudo-date with a local friend for which I had volunteered to be his rope bunny. (Am I allowed to mention you by name, You-Know-Who-You-Are?) ;-) A few things did happen (such as this!) but a whole lot more didn’t. It snowed and my spanker-guy cancelled. There were issues with children needing a taxi-driver. I caught a cold and didn’t want to pass it around to 80+ swinger-type folks.

So the beginning and middle of my week was a bit rough.

But it ended with a BANG. Or maybe I should say a spank and zing and an ouch. And a lot of laughter, and a wonderful opportunity, and a decision that makes my week hectic but was the Right Thing To Do.

I pulled up my big-girl panties after a low week emotionally and physically and we went to a friend’s Annual Holiday Party. It’s a kinky party, but usually not heavy play, so I didn’t expect much – mostly socializing. To my delight, I got to play with someone I’ve been eyeballing for a little while, and got some lovely marks to remember it by. Ad gave me a delicious spanking and W reprised his Little Drummer Boy act (which you haven’t seen yet because of what I said above, about not being able to write.) I got to talk to my lovely friends and share warmth and laughter and holiday joy. I got to flirt with some sexy ladies and gentlemen. I drank a bit, I laughed a lot, I stuck out my ass and asked to get it whacked.

And it was.

And then, in the opposite end of the spectrum, I made a connection with a woman with the most amazing place in Pennsylvania, on the Upper Delaware River, who needs a housesitter for a month. It was one of those kismet things. I am listed on several housesitter websites. I ran across a new one, and added my profile, not really expecting much from it. I browsed the advertisements anyway, and saw one that I had to write to, even though I knew that most ads are filled within the first 24-48 hours, and this one was a month old.  I told her I knew she’s probably filled it, but that I was moved to write because it looked exactly like the kind of situation that I was looking for when  had started this new adventure…so even if she had it filled, perhaps she would keep me in mind in the future.

I got an email saying that she did have it filled, but really liked what I had to say, and could we keep in touch for future? She gave me her phone and email address.

Not more than two hours later she wrote back. Her original sitter had suddenly cancelled, and though she had two others as “back ups,” she wanted to talk to me.  She just liked me, and if I was interested, would I give her a call? The next morning (all this happened while we were at the holiday party) we talked and laughed and had agreed to have me come there after I get back from the Bahamas. And…I don’t know what it is, but I really felt a connection with her. With that place. I really felt like it was meant to be, and so did she.

I’m so excited!

And to top that off, I may be rounding out my “Back East” tour with a visit to my NY spanker friend and another kinky friend in Philadelphia on the way home, who I decided to reach out to even though we haven’t talked much since I saw him at Boardwalk Badness last April.


As if that isn’t enough, this weekend Ad and I are driving with my Mom to Wichita, and then I dogsit Tues-Fri for the boxers. In the middle of which I am doing a luncheon on Christmas afternoon for everyone at the condo. Then I have a few days rest – and possibly another meet-up with the friend I played with at the party and his lovely and sadistic partner-in-crime – and relaxation (ha!) before I leave for CA for a month with my Mom to help her deal with my G’ma.

Oh, and I have a the rescheduled spanking date rescheduled for tomorrow night at W’s. I probably shouldn’t be doing it – I have SO MUCH to do – but it means getting to stay over at W’s, and even if my life is crazy (or maybe specifically because it is) I need some time with him. Some time away. Some time just for he and I.

I know I’ve missed some important tidbit. And of course I have all sorts of “writerly” topics to write about, and more Kinky Christmas, and (ahem) my BIRTHDAY SPANKINGS, and the November Calendar and, and, and…!!

But that’s how it always is around here. ;-)




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