February Photofest Challenge


I wasn’t sure about taking part in Molly’s February Photo Challenge when I first read about it. Not because it doesn’t sound fun or interesting, and certainly not because I don’t like a challenge, as my creation of Boobies & Bondage Across America, the Alphabet Challenge & the Calendar Game, as well as my participation in the Scavenger Hunt, can attest. But…well, let’s be honest, I don’t have the best track record when it comes to follow through. And a picture-a-day is a big commitment!

There was one other reason, as well: I didn’t want a picture a day to be the only thing I am posting, and I’ll admit to having a streak of…er…laziness…occasionally – if I know I’ve got a picture posting, I might decide not to write anything more substantial! (Bad, lazy Jade!)

It’s happened before. :-(

But…what the hell. I DO like a challenge. And while my pictures can’t possibly compete with Molly’s more polished images (yes, I know it’s not a competition, but it’s hard not to compare one’s own images to hers – they’re so gorgeous!), I think they hold their own in telling a compelling story and, at times, being dead sexy. But then, they are my images, I’d have to say that, wouldn’t I?  I lived each and every one, so it only stands to reason I’d think they’re hot! ;-) But, hopefully, you will too.

So, starting tomorrow I’m in for the Challenge! Watch this space, watch Molly’s February Photofest page, and check out all the other bloggers boldly challenging themselves to take part in the meme!



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