Kink of the Week – Biting (My Take)

It’s been awhile since I’ve participated in my own meme. I allowed myself that leeway when I started it, that I wouldn’t force myself to write on each and every topic, but some of them I have been sad to miss. Maybe I’ll get the opportunity to do so later, who knows.

I don’t have much to say on biting, actually, but I want to work my way back to writing about sexy stuff, so I’m just gonna let myself babble a bit here, and what you get is what you get.

Let’s see. I don’t have much to say about biting because neither of the Guys actually does it much. I’m trying to remember a time that they have bit me, in fact, but…

Nope, not coming up with one. On the other hand, I have bitten them a few times. Okay, maybe more than a few. And once, deep in an almost-feral state during an orgasm, I actually bit my own knee hard enough to leave a very clear set of teeth marks. (Then asked “Hey, who bit me?” when I saw it later.) Ad still chuckles over that story.

That is when I tend to bite most. When I am coming and trying to be quiet, I will bite the nearest bodypart, mine or theirs. And sometimes there’s just this sort of animalistic feeling that comes over me when we are playing that results in teeth meeting skin. I also bite and nip playfully occasionally, but that’s more like a puppy’s nip than a sexual thing. And sometimes it’s bratting, too, pushing and teasing the Guys. They seem to like that kind of play, unless I go overboard, then I get “the look.” LOL

I don’t think either Guy likes to be bitten.

I do know I don’t like my nipples to be bitten. Or sucked on, actually. Biting hurts (and not in a good way) and sucking on them just…meh. (Pinching, mauling and pulling on them is another thing altogether.) And the image of a milking machine features in my fantasies, but I don’t know how good the reality would be…

But I digress.

Yeah, so, I got bit by someone who wanted to make a point about being clear about “limits” when he asked about them and I replied with the two I usually say (fire and electricity.) He bit me hard on the ass (as well as punched it hard and deep enough to give me a charley horse and slapped my face.) I guess it was supposed to be an object lesson. Personally I think he was an asshole, but oh well. (And no, I didn’t play with him.) I’ve hated biting of random body parts ever since. I’m also very ticklish between my shoulder and jaw, so I think biting there would not be a good thing. But if it was done in a sensual way? Who knows, maybe I would like it.

Interestingly (to me) I have a really hot go-to fantasy about being bitten by a vampire. But I’m not sure that is about the bite (it’s not about the blood either, since none is present in the fantasy.) It’s something else, something to do with the loss of control and the utter helplessness one is supposed to feel in such an attack. It makes my pissy twitch just a bit to even be thinking of it, it has that strong a pull for me.

I do admit to some mild curiosity about biting as sexual and BDSM play. And I love to lick and taste a person, so perhaps I would enjoy biting someone if it gave them pleasure. (Or maybe if it didn’t please them. Hhmm…now there is a thought to ponder!) And I am curious about what a scene might be like that incorporated biting, from nibbles and nips to sharper bites. I do find it interesting that as oral of a person as I am, and as mouth-centric, that it hasn’t been something I have explored more.

I hope you’ll join us over at the Kink of the Week and share your thoughts about biting!

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