#KOTW – Biting (Guest Post)

Please welcome my good friend Arcadia Noelle, with a post about biting!

One of my absolute favorite things is that moment when teeth sink into flesh.

Biting? Yes, please!

I still remember the moment biting became a thing for me. I’d always enjoyed being bitten during sex, but up until that moment it had just been playful nips of skin here and there; pleasurable yes, but nothing that made me see stars. Not until that day.

We were in the shower; wet naked skin sliding against wet naked skin. If I close my eyes, I can still picture it. The steam billowing around us as his hands moved over my body. I can feel the slide of his lips across my skin and those playful nips that he seemed to enjoy giving. I’m not sure what made him decide to really bite me that day, but he did. His fingers were wrapped in my hair and he pulled, exposing the side of my neck. I assumed he was just going to nip me again, but not this time. This time he bit me. Hard.

The pain was blinding in its intensity, but right on the heels of it came the most intense rush of pure pleasure I’d ever felt. The world tilted on its axis and the moan that slipped from my lips was close to a scream.  My legs buckled and he rode me down; sliding into me as he bit me again…and again…and again.

That was one of our better moments.

Since then, biting is not just something I enjoy, it’s something I need. I enjoy all kinds of painful pleasure but there is something about the unique combination I feel from being bitten that just does it for me. I need that rush of pain and pleasure intertwined, and if it is done in the right spot and with the right intensity, I can orgasm from that alone.

There is something very primal about being bitten and marked by a lover. I think that’s part of what makes me love it so. It’s so…elemental. Of course, I’ve loved vampires since I was a child so that probably ties into it as well.

I also love the bruises that are left behind. I love how they ache for a few days after, how every time I look at them in the mirror a memory of that intense pain/pleasure whispers through my mind. I love seeing the evidence of my lover’s desire for me written on my skin in that way.

Strangely enough, I don’t enjoy being the one doing the biting. Not sure if that ties into my submissive nature or if it’s something else. No matter the reason, I definitely enjoy being the one feeling the sting of a well placed bite.

Thanks to Jade for letting me share my thoughts on biting with all of you!

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