A moment, a breath…

But you'll have to wait til later to see those. ;-)

That’s what I am taking right now. A moment just to breathe

Molly (of Molly’s Daily Kiss) called this time between the holidays the “inbetween” time. And while I could wish that it was so for me, and actually it should be so, since my office closes for the holidays between Christmas Eve and January 2, in reality it has always been a busy time of year for me. Last year saw W and I at the Harrington in Illinois, and the the year before we were in NYC. This year, although I haven’t traveled anywhere (except to Illinois), proved to be just as busy, if not more so.

Right before the holiday break I got my new work hours/situation approved; I launched my pet/housesitting business in earnest and secured my first clients; I decided to buy a new (to me) car; I made some significant financial decisions; and I agreed to go back to CA to help my mother caregive for my grandmother for the month of January.

All of these things required that I make progress on and/or complete certain tasks in the time between Christmas Eve and January 2, when work re-commences at my office. I also had a trip to Wichita to visit my son and his family, then Christmas dinner to make at my house, shopping, decorating and all the myriad other family things that come along at this time of year. And managed them all!

Wichita was a success, and the family time was lovely.  Even better was that Ad and I got to spend an unexpected weekend away together – something that seldom happens due to his work schedule.


He even brought rope!

Which we had a lot of fun with for our December Calendar pics in the snow that fell while we were there.

But you'll have to wait til later to see those. ;-)

But you’ll have to wait til later to see those. ;-)

I dogsat over Christmas and once again my dog people told me how much they love & appreciate me. :-)

The Girls

As did “The Girls”!

I dogsat my sister’s dog as well.


Ain’t he the cutest?

Funny that people that aren’t related to you can be more appreciative than your own family. (A huge shout-out & thank you to Ad, who did most of the dogsitting for my sister’s pup, since I was at the boxers’ a good deal of the time.)

I prepared a fantabulous dinner for ten on Christmas, in between taking care of the boxers.

french toast bake

An AMAZING baked french toast with the homemade blackberry jam that we picked blackberries for over the summer.

And managed to finish two pairs of these oh-so-cute mini-person leg-warmers!

leg warmers

Leg warmers for itty-bitty legs.

And then I spent Christmas night alone over at the dog house – very happily so, without feeling any of the angst that I have felt in the past when I have spent time alone. I feel like I am making huge leaps forward in that regard.

We even made time for some kinky fun one night, when W and I had friends over to his house.

Oh, and I bought a new car, this adorable little Fiat, and the first car that I have ever bought completely on my own:


I love my little car!

I also dogsat for a new client, and they seem very happy with me as well, and secured a month-long housesit for March, which is going to be yet another adventure. I have more to say about this, but suffice it to say for the moment that how that all came about was pure serendipity.

And today, Ad, W and I completely reorganized Ad’s and my living area to create a real home office for me so I can work at home fulltime!


And there was so much more…like, you know, starting up a new WoW character, a game I haven’t played in two years, but which I used to love to play with Ad, and am going to again as a way to keep in touch with him while I am gone; and getting W and I set up on Skype (for the same reason); and securing travel arrangements for the CA trip with my mom (3-day train ride again); and figuring out the hotspot situation for my work-needs while I travel, and…and…and…

Well. You know what I mean.

 And here it is midnight and I have to work tomorrow. But I don’t have to go any farther than my front room to do so. Ain’t that a hoot!

Here’s to the New Year!


  1. cammiesonthefloor

    This is definitely a time of travel for us. The kids and I are in CA, but will flying back tomorrow, meanwhile, we might be flying to CA the following week for a funeral (details still being arranged) for a great-grandmother (she lived a good life).

    It sounds like, while busy, it’s been positive for you, and I am glad to hear that. My husband and I met playing WoW, and sometimes I miss it. I love the pictures incorporated into the posting, it adds so much.

    1. Jade

      My condolences to you on the loss of your great-grandmother. One of the reasons I am glad to be going back for a month to my grandma’s is that, though she’s pretty crabby, she’s 98 and I know won’t be around for too much longer. And getting to spend this time with my 78 yr old Mom is precious to me.

      And thank you re: the pics! I have some lovely ones of the family time in Wichita, but hesitate to publish them w/o permission, and that side of the family doesn’t know about this blog! lol


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