Non-Consensual Orgasm Denial


Here’s the part I forgot about when I decided to come out to Sacramento to stay for a month with my Mom and Grandma – no orgasms.

This is tragic.

We’re not talking about just no sex and no kink, I knew that going in (and believe me, I pondered that long and hard, and had even hoped to have a mid-trip “alleviate-the-need” assignation scheduled, but it didn’t happen.) That I figured I could live with, and maybe even assuage a little by bringing tit collars and a buttplug with me, scouting for Scavenger Hunt shoots, writing a bit of kink, and maybe sharing some lascivious thoughts here you all. I had even hoped for some possible texting/sexting, mild D/s interactions, and/or some chat or Skype fun, although I was less optimistic about that, as neither Guy really engages with me that way, unfortunately. The best I have managed is to send them a few dirty pictures and thoughts via text & email, but that hasn’t generated much in the way of D/s play, just a mild sense of pleasure that at least I am keeping them somewhat/sporadically amused.

So that part was expected. Not anticipated with much enthusiasm, but I’ve been with both men long enough not to expect more than that (and the few times that something has come my way from them, such as W’s directive yesterday…


…and his instruction today – which I’ll share later if I manage to “get’er done.”) But for the most part it’s been as expected and I did prep myself mentally for it. (Nightly mantra: “I can be a normal, non-kinkified girl. I can be, I can!”)

What I didn’t anticipate was that I would not have even enough privacy/time on my own for a self-generated orgasm.

Okay, I know 3 weeks is not all that long to go without an orgasm. I’m sure plenty of people go that long or longer. But…but…(cue whiny voice)…they aren’t me! I haven’t gone this long since, well hell, since I was married!

Sigh. Non-consensual orgasm denial. And I did it to myself. (pout)

I’ve thought about where/how to give myself a little quickie, believe you me. But I haven’t found a viable option for it. There just isn’t a moment of privacy or a place to escape to. Even a bath is denied me, as we are on strict water rationing, what with the drought, and the Uncles frown on the “excess” of a bath. I may have to resort to a shower-quickie, though that is really not ideal. It’s difficult at best for me to come while standing when someone else is messing with me; if I’m doing myself it’s barely possible.

But desperate times call for desperate measures, so…we’ll see.

Since I’m taking a “day off” from everyone to drive over to the coast on Saturday, I’m thinking maybe I’ll scout for some private nook somewhere to park or walk to. A car-quickie tucked away in the trees? A stretch of lonely beach, behind a mound of rocks? Some stranger’s house after drinks in a local pub??

Oh wait, scratch that last one. Not safe.

Grrr. Fuck safe – I’m horny!

Sigh. Oh well, I’ll be home soon(ish.) Ten days or so.

The Guys better be taking their vitamins, that’s all I got to say!


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